Meet Your Spirit Guides: Connect to Your Purpose

Denise from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii asks:

I have been on a spiritual/soul and purpose-driven path since I was four years old. I came to understand language coherently, and how to speak and think independently, trusting my own insights rather than adopting others’ opinions.

Can you confirm who my spirit guides are? I believe they are guardians, Isaiah, warriors, dragonflies, owls, horses, lizards, geckos, and babies of all life forms…

Kokua for your insight.

Dear Denise,

The spirit presences surrounding you connect and cooperate in literally hundreds of subtle and complex ways. You have so many spirit essences dancing in and out of your energy field that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them!

Since your lovely energy naturally attracts critters like dragonflies, lizards and geckos, the spirit guardians or devas of those life forms have more or less adopted you as someone to watch over lovingly, and to alert with messages and visitations whenever something interesting or important is about to happen. On the other hand, both owl and horse are actual spirit guides, so it’s not surprising if you frequently encounter their living counterparts.

Guardian and Isaiah appear to me to be two different spirit guides. The guardian is apparently the “committee chairman” guide who has been with you since birth, and who effectively sorts and directs the many, many influences around you. Isaiah is a powerful presence with a very specific mission, and, as for warriors, you appear to attract them into both your spiritual and personal lives, almost like super-masculine lucky charms who step in to protect or inspire you as needed.

However, one extremely powerful presence that you have not mentioned has asked me to give you a message, one which may help you understand even more fully how your many gifts, talents and spirit presences work together to help achieve your soul purpose. This spirit guide lives deep in your psyche, swimming along the edges of your subconscious, which may be why you have not perhaps been fully aware of it. It is a member of the nearly extinct family of blue whales, the largest animals ever known to have existed. Here is its message:

“Your affinity for babies of all life forms is a most joyful expression of your soul purpose, which is to celebrate the cycle of life by honoring both its endings and its beginnings. Those of us who inhabit the edges, including newborns and endangered species, such as I am, gather around you to be blessed, celebrated, remembered and re-created by you, moment by moment, as your sparkling presence moves through your day-to-day world, singing and dancing and honoring birth, rebirth, and the continuum of life, death, and life everlasting.”

Your blue whale connects with one of the deepest layers of the Earth’s consciousness, and invites you to commune there whenever you wish. You’ll learn amazing things!

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One thought on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Connect to Your Purpose

  1. cowgirlsrule

    I sometimes get confused with the role of Spirit Guides, are they the Archangels or a separate spirit that is omnipresent? I feel something around me and I am aware of Godly beings but am not sure how to access them properly. Do Spirit Guides go before us and pave a way or do they stand beside us and minister. I say this because I have recently contracted a painful physical problem and also everything else in my life is falling apart at the same time. I know that I will learn something from this when I get through it but am confused. I felt and could somewhat see images of 4 beings around me as I lay in bed trying to sort through problems, I had prayed for Archangels and Spirit Guides to be sent by God to help me and I broke down in tears when I was asking for help. The being were just standing around my body, it was not scary just mystifying.


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