Choose Your Soulmate

On the Hunt for a Soulmate

Are you sitting around and waiting for your soulmate to find you? It could take years of waiting! (And who has time to wait these days?) Instead, go out and choose a soulmate who you want to give your love to and commit to for the rest of your life. Many people go through life in a state of waiting and unfortunately many do not find what they are looking for until they are much older. Why wait any longer or let another year pass? Go out and find your soulmate now and start enjoying the rest of your life today. But before you go out there, here are a few things you need to do in order to prepare yourself first.

Attract Positivity

If you want to find your soulmate you must first weed out all the non-soulmates who  have crossed your path. This includes negative people with negative influences and attitudes. If you want to cross these people off your search list before you even encounter them, start by having a more positive mindset. The more positive you are about life and who you are as an individual, the more positive people you will encounter along your life path. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. It is as simple as that.

Work on Yourself

If you are constantly trying to improve yourself on the inside and out, you will most likely be able to attract your soulmate much faster than you would sitting on the couch and making no effort at all. The more you work on yourself and become a healthier person (physically, mentally and spiritually) the more you will attract a healthier soulmate into your life.

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Acknowledge Your Values and Goals

Before you choose a soulmate make sure you have a solid understanding of your own values and goals. Write them down if you need to! You have to be settled in your own life before you find someone to settle down with. A soulmate will help you work through your goals, but you have to know what they are first. And when you’re with your soulmate, don’t put your goals aside for them. Allow your goals to grow and flourish alongside your new-found love. Imagine what you can build together!

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Know Who You’re Looking for

If it extremely important to know what you are looking for in a soulmate before you start your big search. Do you want someone who is affectionate? Do you want to be with someone who is a successful go-getter? What kid of personality is the best match for your own? What values and morals should they have? Will you have different interests or share some things in common? Make a list of everything you seek in your soulmate and work from there. This doesn’t mean you should interview everyone that comes your way. Rather, just be aware of the most important traits and values that you seek in an ever-lasting love relationship.

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19 thoughts on “Choose Your Soulmate

  1. Chuckes

    Hi Susan,

    I’m very new to this site and still not sure about all of this psychic stuff, but sometimes when your down, it’s nice to hear someone tell you that there is hope for the future. Please don’t feel bad about losing your home. I just lost my home and my 13 year old daughter and I had to move in with my mother and my son is living with my ex husband so he can finish his last year of high school. He doesn’t live far but I still miss him everyday. I went through a terrible divorce with at the time, was a horrible alcoholic. He has since remarried and is a nicer person and I just care that he is working on his relationship with his kids. During this time I started reading Tarot for signs of hope, which helped and I prayed and kept positive thoughts. I am living with my mom so I can save money to eventually move, I have gotten a really good job and things are better but it was hell to get there and I’m not there yet. Remember that it is hard for your sister too, but she loves you and wants to help you. explain how her daughter’s behavior is affecting you and think positive thoughts everyday that you will be on your own again soon! You can do it!

  2. Sandy

    I believe it is possible to find your soulmate. But it isn’t easy. Not everyone is fortunate or lucky enough to be able to find that one special person that they can call their “soulmate”. But if you do find him/her, you’re very blessed & can have the best relationship ever. I thought I found my soulmate a long time ago, but things changed over the years & he didn’t turn out to be the man I thought he was. Now I have found the man who truly could be my soulmate, but right now he’s somewhat unreachable & untouchable (long story). I’m doing my very best to reach out to him & touch his heart in a special way. If I’m successful someday & we are blessed to be together, I know for certain we would have a very loving & fulfilling relationship, connected in every way (mentally,emotionally,physically & spiritually). He’s a very special man & possesses all the qualities I’ve ever looked for in a partner. My heart aches for him & I want (& need) him in my life b/c I love him so much. He’s on my mind 24/7. Right now all I can do is have patience & hope & pray the day will come that we’ll be together. That would truly be a miracle. And I will spend the rest of my days showing him how much he means to me & how much I love him, & thanking God for allowing us to be with one another. Though it may sound odd, I already feel a deep connection to him that’s so much stronger than I’ve ever felt for any man. Even with his faults, he’s the perfect man for me & as close to perfection as anyone could get. If I can make this happen, I would consider myself the luckiest woman in the world & I hope he felt like the luckiest man too. I feel I’m the perfect match for him because I understand him (even though he can be complicated at times) & know what he needs from a relationship (marriage). I know I can bring him the happiness & contentment he’s been searching for after many failed relationships. So I will continue on my quest to make him a part of my life someday. With God’s help, I know anything’s possible.

  3. Sandy

    I believe people can find a soul mate. But it isn’t easy. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to find that one special person that they can call their soul mate. But if and when you do, it can be the best relationship ever. I, at one time, thought I found my soul mate, but a lot has changed over the years. Now I feel I really have found the one man I could truly call my soul mate. But unfortunately right now he’s unreachable & untouchable (long story). I’m working very hard to try & reach him & touch his heart in a special way. I’m hoping someday I’ll be successful & somehow we will wind up together. If that would ever happen, I truly believe we could be a very happy couple, connected in every way (mentally,physically,emotionally & spiritually). He would be a true miracle in my life. He’s a very special man with all the qualities I’ve ever looked for in a man. My heart aches for him & I want him in my life. He’s the closest thing to “perfection” I have ever seen. He’s on my mind 24/7. All I can do right now is have patience & hope & pray I can make it happen one day. If I can, I will be one very happy, contented woman who is married to her “soul mate”.

  4. Jax

    I would like to say thank you to the gifted psychics who write these guidelines-
    FREE. Tidbits of wisdom, take them or leave them readers…
    We are all broke sometimes. Spiritually, emotionally, physically(unhealthy) & literally (bank account). Nothing FREE matters much to most people, and then some like to complain ON TOP of it. If you put your effort into saving, you appreciate a one on one reading you PAY for…and receive your personal advice. Stop holding your hand out!! Go GET it, as stated in this article! Couldn’t agree more.

  5. steven

    I have had a reading from one of your physcis and my wife was my soulmate it seems something went horribley wrong we been separated for a almost a year if she my soul mate as told to me what is it I have to do to win it back or move on was he wrong ?

  6. Felicita

    My soulmate is married for 10+ years. We recently met & I could feel our strong connection for each other which is mutual.
    I am so confused should I want to be his lover again. We are more attracted to each other than before. I have to suppress my feelings each time I see him. He knows as well. What should I do. Not to see him hurts so much. Please advise me. My heart aches so much.

  7. camille

    WOW…. I have found that soul mate I was dreaming about we actually found each other in a beautiful place we both love to be… You couldnt be more right on target with your expectation I should look for and he is defiantly is the one !!! happy happy me 🙂 I will fight for our forever together daily and work on our love and commitment daily as well… I deserve to be happy as does Mark as well… Merry Christmas 🙂

  8. milton

    I know the soulmate thank you for a good directive and for me to prolong I wanted to measure trust worth in her and she is better than the rest although she is not at climax but above average trust while in comparison to these others I have passed through thank you for your guide lines finally I have found a soul mate and she loves me through you. Although I have taken long in intimacy,yes with intent to probe more.but I have fear to go there please help.

    Thank you
    Milton Samwali

  9. Paul Finerty

    Hi I am an unpulished poet from Pittsburgh and although most of it is dark I however am full of light and love. I know I am one the best poets in the world today but I don’t have money to call you, maybe for the year. I read most of this but I felt yours insightful , brilliant, a little vague but I would assume that would be to wet the appetite of the reader. I am however angry with powers that be because I am loyal, I don’t cheat, and I am trust worthy as well a communicator. Searching leaves me bad off. Here is a question if you want answer, Where is my soulmate? I don’t have much but could offer you poetry either my style or fresh and I don’t disappoint. Thank You for your work and time. Phoenix Rage a.k.a Paul Finerty

  10. Susan

    Positive doesn’t always attract positive. it attracts negative, who are looking for positive, but can’t get out of their own way with all of their negativity. i am very positive, and negative seems to always find me.

  11. Bella

    Lol lol … No more soulmate talk plz until after my bday plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!! Lol lol BCZ It’s the holidays tis the season 2 be jolly ho-ho-ho & merry Xmas – 🙂 happy holidays 2 all … 🙂

    psps usually 4 the month of January y’all usually don’t DO a (30) day forecast predictions 4 the month OF January … Y’all Just do the – a lot of NEW YEARS – 4 the whole years forecast predictions … PLEASE do 1 BCZ I do find these 2 be very helpful insights + it helps – keeps me N check & avoid NO-NO days since January is a tense month lol after the dust settles , so Maybe y’all can DO 1 this year 4 us & PLEASE maybe ms Quinn you can DO 1 4 US since your a Capricorn 2 lol lol lol 😉 love ya ms Quinn xoxoxo 🙂

  12. Judy

    YES, I feel that I met my soul mate and we parted way because of family pressures and distances. He was insecure about me although I did what I could to make him feel secure given the distances and his fear of marriage commitment. He later married. I ask GOD for his word to me on that and I was given a dream. Now w/o sharing that ~ what do you feel or see for the future? I trust GOD to do what is HIS WILL in my life.

  13. Susan Jackson

    Hi, I am having a real hard time right now, I lost my Apt and have to move in with my sister and her grown children, O My God. Now this is a sad case, I want to move and have no place to go! I have been praying, The other day my sister daughter said something about me eating some cereal, There is a spirit here with me, After crying about how nasty this young lady is the Holy spirit came to me and said its time for you to get out of this home from these people, But I have no money to move, I want to do spiritual reading in this store here were I live and I know I can do them straight from my heart with no cards or books. But even with that’s not going to get me the money I need to move, Thank you.


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