Career Coaching: Move Sideways!

The economy has been hard on everyone, from the people who have permanently lost their jobs, to the ones who have been desperately seeking work to supplement a spouse’s decreased income, to the person just attempting to break into the job market for the first time. This also includes people who have been in the same job for some time and realize that for whatever reason, they must make a career change. I receive quite a few callers who want to know where to look next, what to attempt next, where there is a job for them.

I have found it quite interesting that when I receive these calls, I do not automatically receive a message that translates psychically as “Apply at the ABC Company” or perhaps “Send your resume to Smith-Jones, Inc.” What I have been receiving quite a bit are suggestions from my guides (whom I have always found to be quite practical) to move in more of a sideways direction – that is, not to look at replacing the exact job that has been lost (or the one that one seems to be 100% qualified for), but to direct the search towards a brand-new area, where one has the skills that were perhaps acquired in a hobby, coupled with some of the skills that one used in past employment.

For example, a caller recently asked about where to apply for a job, as he had been unemployed for six months and was becoming quite desperate. When I looked, I saw that he had rather impressive computer skills that he had utilized in the past for the benefit of his family and friends, but had never actually used professionally. When these computer skills were put together with his past work experience, he could definitely see a totally new area where employment for him was very much possible. In addition, he said that he could actually see where this area would be much more enjoyable for him than what he had done in the past, that he had been looking to replace!

Another way that my guides direct callers to “look outside the box” is to take just a very few classes to supplement what the person has done in the past in order to get to a different level. One lady who called said that she had been laid off from her job at a hospital, where she had been very happy working. After some psychic “looking,” we determined that the hospital was hiring, but it was for a position that required training that she could easily acquire in two short, very affordable evening classes. The lady was very happy with this prospect, and said that she had just never thought of that. Luckily, my guides are great believers in night classes!

Sometimes the caller is fortunate enough to still be employed, and they do realize they are fortunate. However, they feel they are dying a slow death at their current job, and want something more out of life. They have been doing the same thing for years, and want out.

My guides have pointed out that the same expertise and skills may be exercised in a very different setting than where one is currently working. For example, a secretary for a manufacturing company may utilize the same skills to find employment with an advertising agency. Same skills, but different environment, with totally different challenges.

Nothing is easy, especially change. It’s much easier for our minds to process change from one slot to a similar one. However, if we can mentally “stretch” our hopes and expectations, if we can look beyond the obvious into different possibilities, then there is no way of predicting the highest that we may achieve in our futures!

What’s your own take on job hunting – even using psychic skills?

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