Facebook Mystery Man

Diana writes:

I have met this Italian man via Facebook. There is a very powerful bond between us. It is like psychic energies naturally flow between us, and he is sexually attracted to me in a way that seems so powerful that leaves me speechless. I know that we do not have a future together, but how about meeting him?

Liam’s Response:

Lady Diana,

I bid you greetings and hope that you will listen carefully to what I am about to impart. In the winding adventure which is our lives, there are sometimes crossroads in the deepest forests. Junctures where decisions must be made that will forever alter our perception of reality and of ourselves. You are at such a place and everything you thought you knew about sex and passion, love and lust, all the articles, books, advice, it’s all going to change. You use the term “powerless,” and it is a good one. For powerless you are, and powerless you will be.

First, let me say that you are very wise to go into this with the knowledge that there is no future with this man. His connection to you isn’t the type that long term commitments rely on. I see the chemistry between you is very primal and pulsing. I’d tell you to not be afraid of this but it would do no good. Fear and passion often go hand in hand, mingling together in an ecstatic dance. The ancient Tantrics knew this well and the formal breaking of taboo was a crucial part of the Vama Marga temple rituals. If you choose to go to this man you will be entering a realm where the natural and the spiritual are one, and he will be your initiator into the midnight mysteries.

If you search inside yourself and find that you are ready for such a shattering experience, then I say go to him without hesitation, but also without any expectation. Keep your meetings with him a secret and sacred. And if guilt or remorse should enter your head, isolate where such damaging thoughts come from. Who placed them there when you were young? Are they original thoughts or habits you have been taught to indulge?

I believe if you are forthright and honest and allow your body this chance to be free, you won’t mind that you’re afraid. Indeed the fear will become dear to you, because you will also be happy — crazy happy. Food will taste different. Poetry will become a holy language. Life will be worth living. I see that your time with this man will be brief, and then you will move on taking the divine experience with you. Laughing and dancing like the marvelous creature you were always meant to be.


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