Relationship Uncertainty

I have many repeat callers. I have found that some of these clients check back in on the same question from before. The issue is obviously very important to them, and they need constant clarity. As time is fluid and changes are occurring, I have found that the client will recall a statement I had said, and if it changes, I will check the degree of change. Is it the timeframe that has changed, the whole situation, has the person changed their own mind, or has a dynamic change occurred?

I have a client who was beginning a romantic relationship with a coworker, and she was very interested to see if he felt the same way about her as she did for him. It was building for sure, and it seemed to be growing into a positive situation. The slow delay was due to the fact that both were department heads, and office romance requires delicate handling.

I saw the budding relationship/romance … and also some obstacles. He was very hesitant — appearing as a careful person, who would not move too fast. During this time, she interviewed a gal who was perfect for his department, and within a short period of time, they were having a flirtatious, and to her, an obvious liking for each other. This new girl had changed the dynamics, and that changed the relationship potential between them. The attention was moved to someone else, and they had returned to a “business relationship” again.

My goal when dealing with these slow-moving, drawn-out situations is to maintain the clarity for the repeat caller.

2 thoughts on “Relationship Uncertainty

  1. Suzy

    I pulled up this article in February 2015.
    How true this is.
    I had a 10 min. reading well over a year ago and still interested in more info re the same question.
    The reading was really getting interesting when the time was over. And here I am still wondering what was so Big that I had stepped into. Maybe for the best my original question was not meant to be answered. I am still wondering about this Twin Flame, 2 yrs. later. However, he now knows how he effected me as a twin flame. The ball is in his court and I am free of pent up emotion. This was a once in a lifetime intense event for me.
    Have u any advice?

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