Boosting Her “Chosen” Career

I was told recently by a psychic that I “chose” my career before I was born. I am now a full-time writer. I work for a website that pays me just slightly less than my rent. I am in the middle of writing my second fiction novel. The first didn’t sell (although I love it and haven’t given up hope). I have five non-fiction books on the market.

I need to start making some money. I feel like I’m on the right path. Do my Spirit Guides agree? How will they let me know if there’s something more I should be doing, and what it is? Sometimes I think the other books came too easily; other times I think they came easily because they were the right things to do. Thank you so much for your help!
–Jos from Brooklyn

First of all, Jos, pat yourself on the back. Becoming a full-time writer is quite a feat and is a testament to your talent, determination and creativity. And there’s plenty more where that came from, so don’t let widely held beliefs about how hard it is to support oneself as a writer limit your ability to manifest what’s possible for you.

Your first books came easily because you’ve already had a lot of experience! Actually, you’ve had many, many past lives as a storyteller.

Your “leading edge” this time, though, is to serve as a conduit for information from outside “everyday reality,” especially ideas that will help transform popular beliefs regarding law, religion and social justice. You’ve barely scratched the surface of the marvelous tales that will flow from your fingertips!

Your Guides are showing me three paperback novels as one of the most powerful of several possibilities. “New York Times bestseller” is emblazoned across cover art, which appears to be a fantasy-oriented. They say publishers chose the fantasy market as the best place to break ground because what you’ve written defies present market paradigms. The original trilogy would break the ice and open the door for more success

As for the practicalities, if you’re willing to also be your own fairly small-time Internet publisher, there are many things you can do to boost your income, including an interactive, informative website and an e-newsletter with a bit of advertising. There are print magazine opportunities for you, too, especially a glossy quarterly of some kind. You could also do very well on eBay or another Internet market, but it would distract from your writing.

As long as you’re working in the realm of imagination, Jos, attracting abundance should be very easy for you. The secret for you is to dream big! Truly, if you haven’t learned about how the Law of Attraction works, I recommend it as something that will be particularly easy and effective for you. I recommend the Abraham books by Esther and Jerry Hicks, starting with Ask and It Is Given. What they teach will also help you stay in immediate, everyday touch with spiritual guidance regarding what to do next. I’d love to hear about it when your first novel hits the stands!

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