Is Psychic Crocodile a Crock?

As if a Psychic Octopus wasn’t enough, there’s a new saltwater seer in town – a psychic crocodile that’s been tapped to predict the outcome of the Australian election. The Guardian reports:

The World Cup had Paul the “psychic octopus”. The Australian election – the closest in years – has Harry, the Australian saltwater crocodile with supposed predictive powers.

Like Paul, Harry correctly picked Spain to win the World Cup last month… The reptile, which weighs 2,000lb and is 16ft long, is housed in an enclosure at a popular tourist attraction on a busy street in Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Dirty Harry, as he has been dubbed, tipped Welsh-born Gillard, who became the Australian prime minister on 24 June after Labor leader Kevin Rudd stepped down, to win.

The forecast involved two chicken carcasses dangled from a line in his enclosure. One had a photo of Gillard, 48, who leads the Labor party. The other had a photo of Tony Abbott, 52, who heads the Liberals.

Harry took just five minutes to make up his mind – he went for Gillard’s chicken.

What do you think – have we had enough of psychic animals yet?

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