Bedroom Makeover

Wanna kick start your love life? There’s no better way than to give your bedroom a makeover. While this may sound intense and expensive, all things considered (you’ve used up every ounce of cash and energy you have!), it need not be costly or time consuming. In fact, a hotter sex life – and lasting love – could be as little as a few hours and (ahem) a few quick touches away.

Set your intention
Before you do anything to the space itself, it’s key to visualize what you actually want in your love life. Is it a new (and lasting) mate? To spice things up with the one you’ve got? Just a little fun when the mood strikes? Your desires are key to how you choose to conduct your overhaul, as they’ll help you set your intention. And believe it or not, intention is the most important element in your new space. It’ll influence your actions and in turn, your results!

Size up your space
With your chosen goal in mind, it’s time to consider how your current space could be preventing you from achieving it. Is there too much clutter to even fit a partner in your bed – or worse still, pictures of an ex? Is your bedroom also your “office” symbolically ruling out anything other than work? Does old bedding make the room less than inviting – or scarier still, have the potential to frighten otherwise willing mates away? Your space should be clean, open, comfortable and conducive to love. Consider how you want to feel in this space. You probably want whoever enters to feel the same way… It’s not hard to see why clutter and work and memories of old lovers aren’t going to help your cause!

Out with the old!
Clear out anything that shouldn’t be in your bedroom. If you’re past your teens, it’s time for stuffed animals and childhood relics to go. Likewise, this is not the place for family pictures. Your bedroom – even if you’re seeking a committed relationship or to spice up the one you’ve got – is your very own personal den of iniquity. Anything that brings up inhibition has no place here – same thing with useless guilt!

The power of now
Same goes for memoirs from relationships past. How can you move into an exciting new relationship – or have a successful new rendezvous – if you’re living in a mecca to an ex? The answer is, you can’t! If you’re feeling particularly brave, make an event of storing or trashing relics from your old relationships. Say a few words over them as you create the room for new love in your life. At the very least, put the old pictures away without acknowledgement. The very act will make space for something sexier and better to enter here.

Work it
Then there’s work. Space limitations may dictate that your bedroom also serve as home to your computer. If so, there’s still something you can do. Make sure your bed is a sacred place. In other words, even if it’s a tiny table set up in the corner furthest from your bed (albeit a well-organized one), make your work space a separate area – one that is, if at all possible, out of view of the bedroom.

Hot tips

1) In addition to clearing out what doesn’t work for romantic purposes, you can open your love life to some excitement by being sure to have plenty of space on each side of the mattress for climbing in and out of bed, as well as night tables on both sides. According to Feng Shui, this invites a second person.

2) You also want to make your bed is as inviting as possible. This includes, if nothing else, clean bedding, so change your sheets weekly, even if you’re the only one in them at the moment! On another note, too many pillows are a turn off as they don’t leave room for bodies.

3) If you’re into real change (and a truly sensual experience) mix up the textures of your blankets and sheets. Soft velour, sumptuous suede, silk or satin work nicely with classic cotton. In colder climates don’t steer away from flannel at this time of year. It can be yummy for naked bodies. The point is, you want your bed to beckon your desires… in order to do that, it needs to reflect them!

4) Similarly, scented candles, incense and aromatherapy oils are a nice touch. Plus, proper lighting can go a long way to giving the right mood to a space (bodies look better masked by soft glow – giving dual purpose to those delicious candles).

Lastly, keep a clear path from the door to your bed and you’re symbolically opening the path to your heart.

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