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I have a 4-year-old grandson whose name is Jayden. Since he was a baby he’s been displaying some kind of psychic abilities, especially seeing spirits. He used to be scared of everything, just a scary acting child. More than a couple of times he’s grabbed my son’s leg (his father) and seemed he was running from someone. He used to wake up screaming. What do you see concerning my grandson?

Gloria in Connecticut

Dear Gloria,

Wow. Your grandson Jayden is tremendously gifted psychically! He’s Clairvoyant (can see what the rest of us can’t), a powerful Empath (sensitive to emotions and environment), as well as a Medium (he can see and communicate with people who have passed over).

I gather from your letter that he’s much calmer now than when he was younger. This is a real credit to his family on many levels, mostly because it requires incredible patience and kindness to deal with a small child’s terror and emotional intensity in an emotionally healthy way.

His guides gave me a dizzying picture of what was happening to him to cause those fearful reactions. He was surrounded by very fast-moving entities, mischievous rather than nasty. They’d zip around him, pop up into his face to surprise him, and generally create visual chaos around him.

Has his family moved? My impression is that a lot of what was troubling him was related to where they were living, and that seems to have changed. Then of course, since he’s so Empathic, on top of the confusing things he was seeing, he strongly felt any reactions his family and others had to his fears, which then amplified his feelings, creating a spiraling situation.

In case these episodes ever happen again, his Spirit Guides have given me several suggestions for you and his parents and, later, for him.

First, when he’s fearful, the person he runs to should immediately start breathing deeply and slowly. This not only calms their emotional response, but, because Jayden literally experiences their feelings and physical reactions, it will cause him to start breathing the same way, which will get everyone back to center quickly. If that doesn’t work, then embrace him in your lap or lift him up, hold him gently, and hum softly, mmmmmmmmmm, so you and he can feel the vibration. If you’re musical, try humming the note C that way. It should be very effective.

If any of his parents or grandparents are comfortable with psychic phenomena, then regularly picturing first themselves and then Jayden each surrounded by your own, individual brilliant white egg-shaped light will add powerful well being to the environment and Jayden will learn to build spiritual boundaries (VERY important for an Empath!) even if you never tell him you did it. And, finally, any time he has an episode such as you’ve described, it’s good to clear his environment for several days in a row using high grade incense, sage, or aromatherapy. has plenty of articles about how to get rid of negativity and aromatherapy.

The most important point is this. Because his Empathic ability is so powerful, he tends to mirror or absorb what’s going on emotionally and psychically with everyone around him, seen and unseen, so if you or his parents are feeling great, so will he. If you’re okay about his being psychic, he’ll become comfortable with it. If you’re spiritually centered, he’ll learn to be that way by being around you. If you’re distracted, stressed and upset – well, guess what? He will be, too.

By the way, his Guides want you all to know that it’s unlikely he’ll become a professional psychic or Medium, even if he remains aware of his abilities (many people suppress theirs as they grow up). Instead, he will probably channel these gifts into some other profession, possibly a creative one like writing or music or acting, or something more concrete where he can put his ability to see the future and to talk with those who have passed, and his fine-tuned sensitivity to people and his environment to work solving the future’s problems.

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