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I hope you’re able to clear up a very disturbing situation for me. For the past 10 years or so, I have had a similar experience in every job. I take on a position, give it my best work and then my supervisor (always a woman) will find some way to have a problem with me. I continue to work hard and go out of my way to “solve” the issue and eventually it ends with my being let go only because they don’t like me… not because of my work. Is this problem I’m experiencing from a past life situation? I desperately need some direction!


Dear Marlo,

According to the Spirit Guides who are talking to me about this, your difficulties with female bosses aren’t Karmic, but you’re correct in that the problems do arise from your past life habits and beliefs.

In other words, you’re not involved in balancing out experiences you might have had with your bosses in prior lifetimes. You seem instead to have chosen to embark on the first step of a major reorientation in “soul style” for lack of a better term. And you’ll be happy to know that the phase of this reorientation which was triggered about 10 years ago is reaching a stage of partial resolution in January.

Essentially you’ve spent many past lives as a fiery, direct and action-oriented person and your Higher Self decided to “try on” a new way of being, one that’s softer, more flexible and collaborative, and more interested in relating than achieving. To that end, you were born with a softer personality, one which makes people assume that you’ve already become this gentler, collaborative person … and then when they start working with you — WHAM! — they discover a dynamic, determined and focused individual who is totally not who they expected. If these women hired you because they felt safe with your apparent softness, they were bound to be uncomfortable and perhaps threatened when your Inner Go-to Gal showed her stuff.

The spirit presences around you are very strong, Marlo, and any barriers between you, your Guides, your Higher Self and your Guardian Angel which you might have felt before are practically non-existent, with your ability to access their wisdom increasing exponentially over the next 5 years. You have much potential for spiritual strength and insight on your own, and a great deal more wisdom, support and guidance available to you. You only need to ask.

You’ll find your Spirit Guides especially helpful starting this spring when you have the opportunity to learn to value your whole self, both softness and strength. This can bring you a new sense of freedom by early in 2011, springing from a deep comfort with and acceptance of all you are, “warts and all.”

If you don’t already work consciously with your Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Guardian Angel, Marlo, I strongly encourage you to begin. There’s a lot of helpful material on, including many suggestions in the Ask Your Spirit Guide columns, which can help you get started.

Your Guides have asked me to remind you that you can use your strength and intelligence in many ways besides direct action, and that you incarnated this time to learn those ways.

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