The Universe Has a Plan for You

Before you were born, your soul met with other souls and with the forces of the Universe to create a plan. This plan includes all the excitement, peace, challenge, contentment, joy and awe you could possibly want. You have free will to blow it, head in the wrong direction, turn around, get yourself in trouble, find your way out, figure out a better way and eventually, to succeed.

The best part is that since this plan was developed in cooperation with the forces of the Universe, you also have the full resources of creation lined up 24/7 to help you realize both the goals you chose before birth and the ones you develop along the way. And whether you realize it or not, the Universe is standing patiently by all the while, ready to make great stuff happen, effortlessly and amazingly, the minute you ask.

How to ask
It’s very simple (although not always easy at first) to align yourself so the Universe can work its magic for you. And once you’re in the flow you’re also naturally carried along your path of personal evolution, even when you don’t consciously know the next steps.

1) Be clear about what you want (knowing what you don’t want is just the first step).

2) Hold your focus on those goals and dreams, pulling yourself back to them as quickly as possible if you’re distracted by drama, apparent obstacles or well meaning people reminding you that life is hard.

3) Get out of the way by giving the Universe permission to decide how to fulfill your dreams. If you get hung up on “who, how or when” you close off the flow.

Then, finally, 4) Relax, let go and surrender to the flow of creation so the Universe can carry you forward to results beyond your wildest dreams.

How to know you’re in the flow
Four things will tell you clearly whether or not you’re aligned with the stream of energy which moves you toward your dreams and personal evolution: your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Body – The body is the first to know when you’re in the flow, and when you get sidetracked. This is true even for those who aren’t used to listening to body knowing or who are convinced that they can’t feel cosmic energies.

When you’re in the flow you suddenly heave a sigh of relief, or you feel like a puzzle piece that finally got slotted into its right place. You just know everything will work out, even when you’re in the kind of situation that normally would make you crazy.

Get to know that feeling in your bones so that when you slip out of the flow and tense up, you can quickly correct your course.

Emotions – When you’re in the flow you’re happy. Prickles of fear are replaced by tingles of excitement and optimism. When you’re not lined up you feel frustrated, afraid, angry, overwhelmed and sometimes depressed.

Spirit – Your Higher Self, Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides use synchronicity in all sorts of creative ways to let you know whether or not you’re in the flow. A book entitled “You’re On the Right Track” falls off the shelf at your feet, or your iPod starts with a song which tells you absolutely that what you need is coming. Or, perhaps you trip on a crack in the sidewalk, grab a street sign pole, and notice that the sign says “One Way” but is pointed away from where you’re headed. Finding your clues and confirmations can be enormously fun and funny.

Mind – Usually your mind is the last to know when you’re in the flow, because your rational intellect is back a few steps, still trying to solve your frustrations and failures. Only when the knowing from your body, emotions and spirit builds volume will your mind wake up and recognize the change.

Learn to explore your free will and your role in your destiny. Meanwhile tell us… do you believe in fate?

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