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Hello, my name is Claire and I have a larger than life spirit guide named Mendolyn. I have been communicating with her for 2 years now using a round graph and pendulum. Lately she has been not very truthful and has been misleading. I ask detailed questions so she understands but she gives me incorrect information. I sometimes have Mendolyn help with my daughter’s questions and she has been wrong in her answers and information. I am becoming hesitant to ask her assistance in things because she seems to be misleading me. I don’t understand why she is doing this and what should I do to rectify the misunderstandings we are having? It makes me sad that I feel doubt regarding her information. What is going on with her? Thanks for your help.


Dear Claire,

Your connection with Mendolyn seems to be subtly out of alignment, so that I see you hooked up sometimes directly with her, and sometimes (more often than not lately) with a blurred secondary image of Mendolyn which is full of static, kind of like a bad radio signal.

There are several things you can do to repair your communications with Mendolyn and perhaps take them to the next level while you’re at it.

Any relationship suffers when you relax to the point that you unconsciously begin to take each other for granted, and Spirit Guides are no exception. I’m seeing that over time, because you could count on your solid, dependable connection to Mendolyn, you probably began to relax your focus and pay less attention to setting your intent and creating the sacred space in which you work with her.

So, the first step would be to consciously set your intent for clear and accurate communication with Mendolyn, and only Mendolyn. The next step is to carefully create the energy surrounding your sessions with her. Your Guardian Angel suggests that you call upon her/him first, every time you start a session. Then, use smudge or incense to clear the space and your tools, or use prayer, call in the directions, or set out crystals to hold the energies at a high level – the specific forms you use don’t really matter. What does matter is that you refresh your approach to each session with extra care, respect and attention to detail.

Next, you might want to think about using automatic writing rather than a pendulum when you talk with Mendolyn. Pendulums are more vulnerable to stray energies, distractions and distortions than some divination tools. Also, by having your sessions defined by your questions, and thus by your naturally limited human perspective, you make it almost impossible for Mendolyn to present ideas and possibilities which are beyond your experience and imagination at this point. Allowing her to “speak” through automatic writing or some other form will add a whole new dimension to what the two of you can accomplish.

Also, I’m told that your daughter’s questions need to be addressed to one of her own Spirit Guides, rather than one of yours. Once you’ve reestablished your working relationship with Mendolyn, I’d suggest that you help your daughter discover and learn to work with the young man who’s eagerly hovering in her energy field waiting for her to, as he puts it, “wake up!” His name is Baldo.

May you, Mendolyn and your daughter have many happy years of expansion and delight together!

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