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Three years ago I left Korea with my diplomat husband and was sure we would never be back. We moved back home to northern Virginia. We are now back in Korea and it feels pleasant but strange. It is almost like I have unfinished business here but I do not know for sure what it is. Can my guides reveal to me what I am here to do or accomplish?

Thank you,


Dear Suzanne,

The timing of your return to Korea indicates that you were brought there for some kind of long-planned karmic clearing and reorientation from an ancient past life.

You will be completing the process by grounding and integrating what you’ve learned, in several waves that began in April of 2008. The final phase should begin in November and finish in March of next year, and will be a quieter and more contemplative experience than the phase that began a year ago in April. To give you additional reference points to understand this particular transformation, your first phase of transformation, the breakdown of the old form from the relevant past life, probably took place between January of ’04 and December of ’05.

Korea feels strange because you have moved very far from what was dominant in your energy field during your first time in Korea.

In explanation, your Guides have shown me in an incarnation from so long ago that I don’t recognize any of the clothes, surroundings or customs, and they tell me I’m looking at what is commonly referred to these days as Lemuria, a “lost continent” which is said to have predated Atlantis. Korea, according to your Guides, is as close as you could get to the actual location given the constructs of your present life (such as your husband’s diplomatic profession).

Just for your information, the Lemurian people are generally believed to have been less concretely physical, and closer to pure energy forms, than humans are today – more even than those of Atlantis. What your Guides have shown me fits in with this. In addition, the Spirit Guide who is leading the discussion with me appears to be Lemurian – certainly he is subtly different in form from homo sapiens, and closer to pure energy than what I’m used to seeing in Earth-grounded Spirit Guides.

Lemuria has also been associated with dolphins, whales (cetaceans) and cetacean-like consciousness and intelligence. It appears that the karma that is being cleared has blocked you from being able to use the gifts of energy sensitivity, healing, aura reading and other skills that would normally have been conferred on you as a result of this past life.

When I asked your Guides for information about how all this would affect you, I was shown a gorgeous, complex and mysterious series of light shows involving precise geometry that morphed into fractal patterns, and then went back to geometric forms.

I am told you will be able to weave all these clues into something that will help you understand and grow from your Korean experience. I’m asked to tell you that in the completion phase the best thing you can do is focus within, and pay attention to your shifting perceptions, experience of physical reality and increasing ability to hear/feel/see auras. You need do nothing external.

While I can’t imagine how all this will be useful for you, I have thoroughly enjoyed communicating with your Guides. I hope you have, too, Suzanne.

Thanks for the Incredible Journey!

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