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I feel as though I am just passing through this life rather than living it. A lot of that has to do with my childhood. I’ve always felt apart from the people around me. My mother was unstable and therefore abusive which taught me to keep the world at arms length, so I have no life partner and don’t expect to have one in the future.

I don’t trust anyone enough to get close. I often wonder if my guides are helping me or have given up on me or even hurting me. I feel sometimes that they are just laughing at my struggles. How can I get in touch with my guides to get help from them to help me live a more fulfilled life now? Would exploring past lives help?

Alexandra in Phoenix

Dear Alexandra,

Even if you hadn’t had such a painful childhood, you would still have an intense and inner-directed nature. Understanding parents would have helped you accept and even celebrate that you’re an introvert, and helped you develop coping skills, as well as find a way to both honor your nature and find like-minded people for friendship and love.

However, it’s never too late to do that, and this is one of your best opportunities! A recent period of unpredictable and depressing trauma and difficulty has passed, and a chance to let go of old, constricting beliefs and habits, which began in March of this year, is intensifying again soon. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of rebirth, learn everything you can about what’s up, and be proactive in your response, because your present opportunity is one which could roll over you anyway if you don’t take charge. Truly, you’re on the verge of a quantum leap if you choose to take it!

There are three kinds of consultations which will help you. First, talk soon to a psychic astrologer who is really knowledgeable about transpersonal planets, perhaps Dave, Liam or Phillip, because your opportunity/challenge is evidenced by transits from Pluto and then Saturn, and an astrologer can give you plenty of information about the nature of the transits, and their timing. Also, a past life reading would be helpful, especially if you ask about why you chose your present life circumstances, and particularly why you chose to have an intense and introverted nature.

Of course, most useful will be working consciously with your Spirit Guides. Spiritual growth was the primary reason you chose to incarnate this time, and with an inner-focused nature, and, far from laughing at your struggles, your guides are cheering you on because you’re coming up on the finish line in terms of opening the door to a powerful inner – and outer! – life. The California Psychics website, both the blog and the newsletter, has a number of excellent articles about Spirit Guides and how to work with them. It truly is an excellent resource, especially helpful until you find part of your “tribe” of like-minded people, who will be spiritually focused, and you can begin growing and learning with them.

You will probably end up using automatic writing or journaling as a primary way to interact with your Guides, and, although this news might not be welcome, I think most of your “tribe,” a group of souls with whom you’ve shared many lives, is not located where you live now. You have only to ask aloud that your Guides help you find these people, and, like a row of dominoes, events will be put in place to lead you to them in a way that supports you. In the meantime, I’m told there are places such as herb stores and spiritual bookstores near you where you can also take beginning classes if you need them (there are also classes online) and also meet a few soul family members.

Never forget, Alexandra, that diamonds are created by long periods of intense pressure and heat. You are a diamond about to be unearthed.

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