The Meaning and Significance of Pluto Return

The Meaning and Significance of Pluto Return | California Psychics

What is Pluto Return?

In astrology, Pluto Return means Pluto is returning to the same position in a birth chart where it was when the chart began. A Pluto Return happens approximately every 248 years, which is why we can’t have personal Pluto Returns, but generations, corporations, and countries can. This month, Pluto will be returning to the exact degree of Capricorn it was in on July 4, 1776, 27 degrees Capricorn (incidentally, America’s solar return this year, or birthday, is on July 4, 2022). The first-ever Pluto Return for the US. But what exactly does that mean?

Pluto’s Astrological Power

It can help to better understand Pluto Return by looking at the planet Pluto and what it represents in astrology: Power, transformation, rebirth, and prophecy. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and therefore, attached to all things mysterious and hidden, determined to bring them to the surface. Pluto (the Latin name for Hades) rules over the underworld and the shadow side of every soul. When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the beginning of this astrological moment began to be felt. Powerful people began to lose their influence and long-silenced voices were finally given a chance to speak. This trend has only continued as Pluto has made its slow way toward where it was when America took its first independent breath.

Passion and Change

Pluto is all about change, breaking down current stagnant forms to allow for new, healthy growth. Change can be unsettling at first, but it isn’t something to fear, for we are promised that everything works together for our good, and Pluto, like the Universe in general, has our best interests at heart. Pluto also rules passionate, deep, true, lasting devotion and dedication to the highest ideals. Pluto even has an actual shape of a big heart on it which can be seen in the 2015 photograph by NASA.

Why is Pluto Return so Astrologically Significant?

The US will experience its first Pluto return on George Washington’s birthday, February 22. Think of it as a culmination point of transformation, as other countries that experienced their own Pluto Returns can attest. A few examples include the fall of the Roman Empire upon its third Pluto Return and the ascension of Queen Elizabeth I during England’s second Pluto Return. Other notable examples are the deaths of Napolean Bonaparte and Joseph Stalin when both France and Russia experienced their latest Pluto Returns, and Francisco Franco relinquished power during Spain’s last Pluto Return. As you can imagine, all of these moments led to new opportunities, new growth, and massive transformations not only for the countries but across the world.

Pluto in America’s Birth Chart

Pluto in Capricorn is in the second house of America’s birth chart, affecting her resources and needs in money, property, security, and values. Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign and it rules civilization structures, government, integrity, and responsibility. Capricorn is also the sign of hard work and the ultimate rewards that come from it. Hard work is highly valued in the US and is touted as one of the country’s cornerstones. By building off of Capricorn’s energy, the transformative power of Pluto Return can help create new opportunities for betterment in these areas.

The Numerology of This Pluto Return

Numerologically, 2 22 2022 adds up to 12, and 1+2 = 3. 3 is cheerful, positive, happy energy, with people working together toward a higher goal and purpose, and 22 is a Master Number that represents the Master Builder. In Tarot, 3 is the Empress card, which means this is a time of nurturing and lovingkindness. 12 is the Hanged Man, meaning decisions need to be made and this is the time to make them. The World card is numbered 21, but 2+1 = 3, and along with representing reuniting and reconciling, it gives the promise of ultimate success.

What to Expect from Pluto Return

Many astrologers believe that we’ve already begun to see the effects of Pluto Return within the US, especially in a social context. The ripples of societal change can already be felt, from discussions about workforce treatment to equality and equity amongst both race and gender to the involvement of the rising generations in the future of our financial and natural resources.

Pluto and Capricorn have a ruling hand in all these issues, so their combined energy is likely to spark the change that has been building. Remember, Pluto both tears down and regenerates. And while Capricorn is generally the sign of stability, it’s all for change when that change will lead to a more stable and secure future. It may not be the most comfortable astrological period to live through, but it may prove to be a pivotal one. Remember, we’re living in the Age of Aquarius when everything gets shaken up a bit for the sake of a more humanitarian future. Pluto Return is the time for everyone who aligns with the helpers of our time to connect to and seek guidance from their highest self. Regarding this moment, Astrologer Kyle Thomas said, “The USA has an opportunity to reflect on its core purpose, [to] go through a phoenix moment and rise again brighter than ever before.”

According to author Colin Bedell, “This may feel overwhelming, but because each American interacts with the astrology of America, we know that we are all meant to handle this work. We are incarnated at this moment to work toward a solution, each contributing our gifts, abilities, and strengths to this complex moment.”

Change is Coming

We’ve seen plenty of interesting times in the past few years, and now Pluto has come to offer us more. Pluto Return is a reckoning moment for all that has been upheld that no longer serves the highest good of the world. Don’t fear it, for change is ultimately a good thing. Between Capricorn, Pluto, and Aquarius, we are in the hands of the dreamers, the idealists, and the builders of secure foundations. There are no safer hands to be in.

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