Ask Your Spirit Guide

I am an author of two bestselling biographies. For almost six years
I have been trying to locate either a publisher or an agent in order to
have my first work of fiction published. Almost every one I have
contacted has given me a positive response, but they all shy away
because of its paranormal content.

Given that I accept the quality of the writing is excellent, as I’ve been told, I feel I must be doing something wrong. I would deeply appreciate any help from my spirit guide (if I have one!) to either point me in the right direction or give up trying, which I am loathe to do because I believe in my work. Besides, there is another reason why I need to have it published, and that reason, my soulmate, is very close to my heart. I hope you might be kind enough to seek an answer to my dilemma.

Beverley in Australia

Dear Beverley,

You, of course, have more than one Spirit Guide, but only one stepped forward to discuss your letter with me. Her name is Brunna, and she is primarily involved with your writing. I know she’s a woman, but she insists on contacting me only by sound, and seems very reluctant to be seen.

She’s very intent on conveying four things to you:

First, even though you’re already a bestselling author, and you know how to research markets and find publishers and agents who specialize in those markets, your Guide indicates that you’ve overlooked at least one, and possibly three, different genres that would welcome your book with open arms, and reach plenty of buyers.

Second, each of the genres would require you to do a little rethinking in terms of character or plot but, according to Brunna, not enough to a require major rewrite or cause you problems – she seems very proud of your creative abilities!

Third, if you decide to tweak this novel, Brunna tells me you will benefit by consulting directly with her and with one other, as you develop ideas for your revisions. Once again, she’s being quite mysterious about who the other might be. She seems to feel you already know the answer, and says that if you don’t, you can ask her.

Finally, Brunna indicates that although you’re already in the habit of working with her as you write, she’d love it if you’d consciously include her in your writing process. Even more important, she’d like to exchange ideas directly with you, and answer specific questions, which she indicates will be quite easy. Simply use the same method you use to write – by hand, by keyboard, whatever works for you – address a question to her, and then start writing. She says it might take a bit for you to believe she’s answering, since you’ve worked together seamlessly for so long, but you’ll soon recognize the difference between her style of communication and her viewpoint, and your own.

Beverley, you have at least one more novel in you, possibly a sequel or spinoff to this one, which will begin to develop as you tweak the present one. I’m also being told that in addition to those who will buy this book for entertainment, there are many souls who have known you and your soulmate in past lives, who will be comforted and healed by these stories.

Once you’ve found your publisher, I hope you’ll write and let me know when and where I can buy the books!

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