Guardian Angels vs. Spirit Guides

There is a big difference (to me) between Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. First, Guardian Angels have never been in physical form, having never gone through the birthing process as we know it. Spirit Guides, on the other hand, have always inhabited a physical body before making their transition to the other side.

Guardian Angels are with us from birth and in fact help us make our earthly entrance. And yes, we all have at least one Guardian Angel by our side. They protect us our entire life helping us to fulfill our earthly mission. If we want something in particular, we must ask for it. It’s really as simple as having a conversation with your best friend or your favorite psychic over the phone. Giving yourself daily quiet time for meditation and prayer are important elements in making contact.

Guardian Angels, because they have never incarnated, are androgynous beings not defined as male or female. For our purposes on earth we will often assign gender and names for our own understanding and communication. In a reading, I see Guardian Angels as an essence of iridescent light that changes color depending upon their messages. They have the most magnificent hues surrounding them, colors that we have never seen on planet earth.

Since the earth plane is a free will zone, your Guardian Angel will not interfere with your choices and “just automatically make things happen.” S/he will however help YOU to “make things happen.” Pray for anything you want, nothing is trivial or insignificant. Your prayers will be answered as long as it will not hurt you or someone else – AND – if it is in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Remember, when you ask in prayer, you are turning the situation over to your guides. That means, you have to let go. Resist the temptation to “work on it.” Be assured, if something you have asked for is going to hurt you or someone else, your Guardian Angel will see to it that it does NOT happen. We all know to be careful about what you ask for, you might just get it. Just as true, some requests take longer to manifest, perhaps years, or even decades before they show up in your life. The most frequent prayer requests from many clients is simply, “I just want peace of mind.”

In contrast, Spirit Guides, can be incarnated family members, spouses, lovers, friends, even acquaintances. They all share the fact that they have been in a physical body. They might be century old spirits that you are not even aware of such as a Japanese warrior, a Native American Indian tribesman, a monastic monk, just to mention a few. They have names and birth dates and are still with us – just through the misty veil. In a reading, I invite them to come speak if they wish. My experience with Spirit Guides however, is that after they make their transition they may be very busy reviewing their life or going to school. I’ve actually tried to make contact with certain Spirit Guides in a reading because someone was really hurting and missing their loved one. I’ve been shown a guide with their back to me while sitting on a luxurious cushion inside a Grecian Temple letting me know they are not ready to communicate. Not all those that have passed on become our guides. Just as on earth we choose a profession, Spirit Guides may choose to be of service by communicating or may choose another line of work.

When a Spirit Guide is ready to make contact, they will make their presence known. Often they will come to you in the dream state. Those dreams are actual visits. They always come with gentleness to comfort you, most often leaving you with a gift, a message of hope.

There are other realms of Angels such as the Cherubs that work with the babies. Children are extremely connected to the Angelic realm. There are of course, the Archangels such as Michael (truth, integrity, strength, protection), Raphael (healing, wholeness, unity, learning, creativity), Gabriel (guidance, prophecy), Uriel (justice, balance, peace) and others.

Then there are Earth Angels like you! We are guided daily by our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to bring peace and effect change in our lives. I would love to hear your stories and experiences with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

Blessings to all, Faith – 9608.

69 thoughts on “Guardian Angels vs. Spirit Guides

  1. Tina

    Hi ! i love this article, and over 20 years ago, when I was pregnant with my oldest son,Zeus, I had a very vivid dream: I went to this place,and it was a small town,with only a 7-11,and a Holiday Inn that doubled as a mission. The streets were named after flowers,trees or plants. Anyway, there was a guy,I can see him still,his name was Jeremy,and he was in a wheelchair. He had black,long,curly hair and big,beautiful brown eyes,and his mother, whom I adored at first sight, was named Marion,or Miriam,I am not sure which.
    We made love in a field of daisies and there was adjoining church,with an empty pertoleum refinery adjacent to that. I remember the church cemetary,and how old it looked. Well, it has been over 20 years,and I am still in love with Jeremy. in this “dream” he wanted me to stay,and I said I would, if I were not pregnant with my son. He said “I will always remember you,Tina.” I had met his mom,and there were trophies all over,covering every available space in the small living room, for wheelchair basketball,and other wheelchair sports, but mainly wheelchair basketball.
    His mom was just coming out of the kitchen,carrying a dishcloth,and wearing a faded, flower-print shapeless dress, like out of the 50’s. She was a plump woman,and Jeremy came out of the kitchen,shirtless,and smiling.
    I smiled at him,too,and knew I was loved and accepted. For years,i would wonder if it was “just a dream” or if i had visited the then-fabled astral plane. I say “fabled” because I was new to spirituality and I was also a member of the LDS church,where spirituality,and astral travelling,and knowledge of it all, is forbidden.
    So,i tried to forget that wonderful,small-town place, but I never forgot Jeremy,and even spent time looking for that town, in the internet. I gave up,when I realized, it may even not exist ,except in my mind.

    Thank you for all of the wonderful newsletters,and articles, PC has written ! You all are a very valuable asset to my life and growth !

  2. michele

    wow how exciting… I use to have what i call visions…. i think i was on the other side thru a
    near death experience. since then i became very “in tune” with things. people think im nuts ha ha ha . Because of that i think I also stopped believing some myself so i have not had “visions” in a long time. any help on getting those back?
    ex: i would tell people whats going to happen before it actually does…. funny hey or i knew i seen something before it happened……

  3. Debster

    Dear Medessa: Your tale touched my heart. I am exceedingly good at finding people. This is not an offer for hire or anything like that… It is something I have a gift for. One thing to consider, when you offer your heart up to the universe, you might get someone entirely different than you expected! I’d like to help if I can.

  4. louise

    i would love too knpw who are my angels, is my mother one of them. im needing confumation on a subject/ i would love too move too the coastal area. seem to many stuming blocks in my way. will i manage to go will get with fund from the state to do this. blessings to you . lou.

  5. nrusingha charana ojha

    thank u sir i read ur guide also i fell needless think some negative try to out of mind cler to process my discover also try to not conection any where except duty purpose

  6. Faith - 9608

    Hello Tamara,

    Just by asking you are reaching out to your Angels. They definitely hear us, we have to train ourselves to hear them. It’s a very subtle, quiet and gentle process.

    I love your question – “how do i know its not my own voice in my head?” I used to think the same thing. When the Angels speak it comes from within you with a sense of knowing. The more often I would practice and turn events over to the Angels, (letting go of expectations)they would show me how they were taking care of things in detail!

    And yes, when they communicate to you sometimes it sounds like your own voice. I call it communication by divine implant; Angels communicate by divine thoughts. When they send you messages, if you are open, you will pick it up.

    Most importantly when communication comes from them you will feel calm and at peace.

    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  7. Tamara

    ive been trying to connect with my guides how do i know they’re here with me and listening and responding? how do i know its not my own voice in my head? if you can reach to them what are their names and how can i reach out to them

  8. Faith - 9608

    Dear Medessa,

    Thank you for your story. I hope you find him too. I feel your Guardian Angel will help you with finding your friend. I would love to hear from you when you do!

    Thank you for writing and many blessings to you.

    Love, Faith – 9608

  9. Medessa

    I dream of a love one I new years ago. I would love to find him now. My husband died in 2004 and I need someone to love me again. I am 70 years old and I know the one I knew years ago would be the same age or older. I just can’t get him off my mind. I hope my guardian angle can help me find him.

  10. itsthedonya

    my problem is i dream of things and a few months later what i dreamed about happened but not in the order that i seen it. this has been going on for yrs i do believe in angels and i had my fair share of close calls i will take ur advice and maybe i will understand more about my dreams and why they happen 4 to a yr later ty god bless

  11. Faith - 9608

    Dear Erdene, You absolutley have seen the power of Spirit by asking your guides for help. Yes, a very good practice to communicate daily with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Ask for what you want, it’s ok in fact vital to place your requests with them. They cannot help us unless we ASK! Thanks so much for sharing your story.
    Many Blessings, Faith – 9608

  12. Faith - 9608

    Dear Peggy, it’s ok to ask your spirit guides, in this case your Dad, to bring clarity to you about this subject in a new dream. Ask him for further info and to ‘please make it clear’ on what he is referring to and then see what happens.
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  13. Faith - 9608

    Dear Lester, thank you for sharing your Angel story. It’s a beautiful example of being guided by Spirit daily. Learning to listen to them has saved you from many disasters no doubt!
    Many Blessings to you, Faith – 9608

  14. Faith - 9608

    Thank you Earth Angel Verbena! I love this subject so much. I only found out that this was in the newsletter today … a month later! (It’s definitely time for a new computer).
    I would love to meet you at the Christmas party but won’t be able to attend this year. I will however be calling you soon for a Christmas reading gift to myself!
    Blessings and thank you for your kind words. Faith – 9608 🙂

  15. Erdene

    I’ve heard many times that the Shamans communicate with different kinds of birds who represent the Spirits they meet. Once my daughter told that her schoolmate, a girl who recently became a Shaman, while looking at some birds flying above them crying, suddenly said to her friends that she couldn’t stay longer with them, she’s called to go back home quickly as the spirits wanted to talk to her sooner. this is very common for them.
    By the way, many people in Mongolia share their amazing stories how they witnessed such Shamans turning into very old persons right after praying and dancing in Shamans’ special way and talk to people about their past and future lives and when finished turn into their present body.
    As you, Faith, say, we should practice praying and meditating to communicate with God, our Guardian Angels and the Spirit Guides as they are always ready to help us.

  16. Teddie

    Do you live in Calif. LA area? Perhaps it’s the “Big One” Earthquake! God, our Blessed Mother our Angels help us all.
    I too sense my Angels. I alway have thought as, feeling, intuition. One time I was going to drive my daughter’s car to mass, & thought it to be a waste of gas. Took the bus instead. At our cross-streets a bad accident happened minutes before, about the time I would have been driving there. Many incident;
    Missing the plane in NY that went into the water near Conn. I was late getting ready. Thank God

  17. Shewolf of the night

    I belive in angels and spirit guides, even when I was younger. My grandfather died five years ago, and my grandmother died three years ago. Before we moved, I was playing in my band concert, and when it was over. I thought I saw my grandparents out of the corner of my eyes for only a second. I was young I was turning looking. I never told anyone, then I realized that my grandparents finally got to see me play after so many times of wanting them to come but their health wouldn’t let them, but they finally did. I know now they are angels and they are watching over me.

  18. chelsea

    hello. i saw my guardian angel 6 months ago. he was with two others,and they saved my life. the docters were giving up on me. but after 6 nights of litterally living in childhood imaginary friend,Cory came to me,told me everything was to be o.k.,and that i was forgivin.the next couple of days i slowly started to snap out of it.the next time i took a shower i saw millions of little golden sparks fall off of me almost as if i were being cleansed.i am confident that there is an afterlife and i now know that cory is with me everyday.

  19. Lester

    I do not know the name of my Angel, or sprit guide. But, I know they are around me all the time. I am a truck driver. I liston to my Guides and Angels. When they tell me to take a break or a nap I do. All most every time there was an accident or some other problem that could have caused difficulties for me. And some how I miss them.
    Many times in a driving situation quick menuvers are needed. It seems as if the road gets wider, the space between car get wider, and a driving path will open up that allows me to miss a possible wreck.
    God, Angels, or Spirit Guides I don’t want to ever be with out them.

  20. Peggy

    My name is Peggy …My father passed away a few yrs ago . After his passing he came to me in a dream , he told me that something horrible was goin to happen , i held his head inbetween my hands and i prayed, he then said again , something is going to happen , something very bad and ugly something the world has never seen before when i asked him when , his answer was before the new yr. that was 2 yrs ago , i usually dream things , before they happen , but this one was so weird , any suggestions ?

  21. Annabella

    Hi 🙂
    Ever since I can remember I aways felt like I was not alone, I didnt really think about it because it was normal for me, I never knew any different, but I knew someone was watching me and I knew it was my Grandad who had died when I was 4. I had a very bad time growing up and he was such a comfort to me to feel the love he was sending me and knowing I was not alone with my problems. He stayed with me until I was about 18. His wife, my Grandma, died and he left to be with her. It was then that I really started to think about it, I felt the difference between him being there and not, and I realized he had been there and I had known it all along. At that time a tiger kept appearing in most of my meditations and dreams, I always felt it was trying to tell me something. It bought my daughter on it’s back in one meditation and she looked just like she actually did when she was born 3yrs later. The funny thing is that she was born in the year of the tiger in the Chinese horascope. After her birth the tiger did not come back. She is so intuative and I would not be surprised at all if it were her helping me. Since then I have felt a presence of two Egyptian almost twin like guides who have helped me find my passions and love for myself and life which I had always been searching for. I love you guides and angels how could we live without you!?

  22. Susan

    My first experiance with my spirit guide was 7 years ago, I thought that I was going to have to divorce my husband, I was in bed really sobbing my heart out, then I felt someone stroking my hair, and I felt calm. A year later I was in hospital waiting for an operation to remove a huge abcess from the base of my spine, it kept getting delayed due to emergancies, I was in so much pain I prayed to my angels to make it burst to stop the pain, within 5 minutes this happened, I still had to have the operation to clean up the poisons, as I was coming around I knew someone was by my shoulder, he said “Here he comes, he will look after you, I thought it was the male nurse talking, when I turned, I saw a young man in a blue shirt, who then just vanished, when I looked around I saw my husband walking towards me. Since then my spirit guide always comes when I ask, and he has told me his name is Peter.

  23. Leesa

    I do believe in spirit guides. My Daddy died young & suddenly,when I was 32. About a year
    after his death he came to me in my dreamtime and ‘flew’ me to a high hill which over
    looked a structure in the near distance. The house was made of stones and seemed ancient.
    I couldn’t tell if the window & door openings were empty or black… It seemed abandoned.
    Beside the door opening though were the letters KA. I awoke not knowing what this meant.
    The search began. It has been 15 years and I still don’t fully, but I have learned alot about the word and the meaning. In the Egyptian lore it means “the body double” or the “souls twin”.
    In India lore it is a spirit being that is in the
    place between heaven & earth and this being is the one who spoke everything into being. It is more indepth than these two simple clues. I am still learning. I think my Daddy was trying to tell me that we are one and can never be seperated. If anyone has any other information I would love to hear from you. I never heard of the word or letters before this dream, though and still today find it quite amazing.

  24. Leesa

    YES! I have a bear spirit
    guide, who has come to me
    in dream form many times.
    My first encounter with
    my spirit guide was when I
    was in a place of
    transition… major. For
    some reason, in my dream
    I was lead to my closet.
    Once I was in there I
    saw an opening like a
    cave – dark. I reached
    my hand in (not sure why)
    and when I did, something
    grabbed hold of it. I was
    afraid and pulled it back.
    There was a few moments of
    a tug of war, then I pulled
    it out and a bear was the
    one holding my hand. He was
    big and strong and tried
    convincing me that he was
    a man. lol. Every time bear
    has come to me in my dream
    time, he is male energy, &
    always trying to convince
    me so, even sexually. I am
    Cherokee & Irish. Other
    spirit guides have come to
    me on the physical realm,
    such as red tail hawk,
    raven and other birds.
    There are many good books
    that will help you
    understand their messages.
    Check out Animal Speak &
    Medicine Cards. They are
    excellent. My spirit guides
    came to me prior to
    learning their meaning in
    any book.

  25. Rosemary

    In March of 2004, I was in the hospital recovering from colon cancer surgery. The day I was to find out if they had gotten all the cancer, I awoke to find an Angel standing at the foot of my bed. I don’t know if it was male or female, but it had a beautiful smile on it’s face. There was a radiance around it & on the face. Not a word was spoken, but this angel simply smiled at me & gave it’s head a nod. At that moment I had an overwhelming feeling of peace, & I just knew the results were going to be fine. A nurse came into my room just as my angel dissappeared, & when she took my pulse it was elevated. She asked me if anything was wrong so I told her what had just happened & she agreed that was the reason my pulse was faster then normal. About two hours later my doctor came & told me it was clean, they had gotten all the cancer. That was over five years ago, & thank God I am still cancer free.I had been very worried about the results back then & I figure that is why my angel came to me to let me know all would be well.

  26. Shari

    I am glad to read that this has happened to someone else besides just me! I had a similar experience years ago and have never heard of anyone else having it. My first experience was when I shut off my bedroom light and climbed into bed and above me was something bright. My first thought was it had to be one of my kids mylar balloons reflecting off something. As I continued to look at it I could see a young woman’s face with long hair. Once I realized this I screamed,jumped out of bed, turned on my light and nothing was there. This happened 2 more times then stopped when I turned over in bed and ignored it. Now I wished I did not ignore it!

  27. Laura Mason of westfield

    About this time last year my husband passed away.Well on Oct 10-08.We were like best friend and soul mates all in one.I fell in love with him right from the start.You see the thing is We talked over the phone for nearly a month long distance and I never meet him but I love him dearly.When I finally got to meet him from there we never was apart after thats until his death witch turn my world up-side down.Just a week ago I had a dream and he told me its not my time to go.He said I had to wait.I am still trying to figure out what I have to wait for,I rather be with him and my daddy and brother that I miss so much.I just need to know what I have to wait for and why I cant be with them.I wish my husband would visit me more.because when he does I have peace for a little while.

  28. Christine

    I feel drawn to the name “Angel Gabriel” and other times “Angel Michael” – thinking of their names gives me a sense of strength or elevation hard to put a worde on it – right in my solar plexus…what does this mean? Christine x

  29. Kay

    My son, Matthew is my Spirit Guide, for one. He died in a drowning at the age of 17. I have felt him near me and with me. I see little signs, of my flowers blooming with blue in mind, which was his favorite color. I have seen clouds, like Angel Wings. The ringing of my chimes. etc. I miss him terribly in this world but, I know he is with my other family members as well as myself and that is such comfort..thank you for this article.

  30. Elke

    hi, Years ago I will never forget it. My father
    passed away and i was just lying in bed staring
    at the ceiling. My mind was a total blank. When
    out of no where appeared a head on the ceiling. I still did not think any thing of it when it regeristered wait a minute there is a face looking at me on my ceiling thats not normal. As soon as that thought entered my mind he came swooping down I screamed it scared me. Just as I screamed it disappeared quickly. Later I learned it was my spirit guide who didnt want to frighten me. I wish I didnt scream. Never happened again.
    He was gone. I wish I could see him again. Thanks again Love your article

  31. mercedes2327

    Well, it sounds incredible but when I was going through a rough time in my life, I used to see a person, very tall next my bed telling me to leave. He has been always there. He has guided me since then. The first time, I went to see the house I am living in, I never thought that I would be able to afford a house like this, however I saw him again, I am sure he is my guardian angel and he told me, welcome home. That’s why I always say that my house is a gift from God. I am sure that there is a after life. The other night, I went to sleep and I saw a light so pretty that I walked to go inside, all of it sudden I was floating on air hanging from a red ballom and I saw the people down, I saw a scissor cutting the rope, I said, oh my god I am going down, I opened my eyes and I was in front of a throne and god was there. I said, why am I doing here. He told me, I want to have you on my diestra (meaning sitting next to him) I told him, no, not yet because my daughter still small and she needs me, then I woke up. My husband ask me, were you drinking. I never drink or smoke. my friends told me that it is signal so that I know that God has place for me when I died and that he loves me. I want everyone out there to know that there is hope and it is okay to have blind faith in god because if you ask with faith he will listen. I know God would want me to tell the world that he is a living God and his angels are with us to protect us. We should never try to test him. Always use the free will to do the right thing.

  32. Erdene

    I am grateful to God for sending us the Guardian Angels and the Spirit Guides! Yes, when I pray to God for help I feel the Spirit Guides, whom I am sure, He sends to me to help. I ask for help for my family and for all and get the answers! I wanna share with you just an example: It became like my habit if/when I hear outside some people argueing or a child is crying, I pray to God ask Him to send His Angels (I just used to call them as His angels, before I read your article:) to come and help them to solve their problem, or help the parent of the child to take care of the child better and make him/her happier. AND it works! and I always thank Him for help! (it might sound funny for some people who don’t believe in this kind of things. There are many other personal stories of mine that I get answer for )
    Honestly saying, I didn’t know how to call them and if they were different. So, Thank you for clarification!
    I also thought it might be interetsing for you all to hear that in Mongolia people are very much aware of and get helps from the Spirit Guides thanks to the Shamans, who have special talants to let the Spirits use their physical bodies to communicate with people in here. and as you said, the Spirit guides are from even from 400 years ago or the ones from recent years,and many of them are the wariers/heros from Chinggis Khan’s time (more than 800 years!),I heard.
    Let us be grateful to God and praise Him, the Unknown Powerful Essence for taking care of us through our Guardain Angels and the Spirit Guides and try to be better people to live in harmony and help each other to be aware of our mission on this earth, just like you, Faith!

  33. Carol K

    Beautiful article. I believe my older by 10 years brother, Philip, who died from a heart attack at age 48, came to me one night during a particularly difficult time in my life. I was in bed and suddenly was aware of his presence. He told me, parapharsing now, “I have permission to come to you and let you know how much you are loved. I can’t stay very long.” All at once I experienced such an overwhelming feeling of peace, and love as I had never before experienced. It embraced me. I find words inadequate. Then he started pulling away, saying “I have to go back now,” and slowly he faded away. I would have given anything to follow him, I would even have left my children behind, the love that surrounded me was so incredible, I didn’t want to lose it. When I awoke there were tears streaming down my face. I know this was a true visit from my brother.

  34. mamakat

    what a beautifully reassuring article! thank you for sharing! my granny came to me in a dream some time after she’d passed on. i was on a desert w/cracked sand and wind and there was a stream separating us. the side she was on was the most beautiful place i’ve ever seen w/gorgeous flowers and greenery. she was young again w/her long, flowing black hair and she was wearing a simple white dress. she told me to please tell my mom not to cry for her anymore, she was ok and happy. it was such a beautiful experience. the next morning, i told mom about it and it gave her a great deal of peace.

  35. humphrey

    does owl represent guardian angel?. after the death of my younger brother this particular owl was coming in the morning and evening flying round our compound, later it dis appeared. we have not seen it till today.After his funerals.

  36. kelsangla

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Actually i been so confused when my best friend and many certain dead ones keep coming in my dreams.I used to think that sumthing bad is going to happen in my life again. I am so scared every night that some dead ones will come to my dream again. But later reading articles. i gained more confidence to face them. My childhood best friend commited suicide and i havent seen her for almost 14 yrs since our childhood.. later i heard she commited suicide leaving two kids behind. She keeping in my dreams few yrs back, and that really scare me.I used to think wat she wants. Often she comes so beautifully. wel dressed and beautiful face. I decided i will talk to her in my dreams. so one time, she appeared in my dream and i been tellng her that U r dead and u got to take a new life. but still she comes back again, and i keep telling her that u r dead and dont just wander here and there. and one time she bought her dad who also died few years before her. And i been telling him also u too dead and u guys must find a new life and dont disturb me. Ever since she never came in my dream, just recently i ha a glimpse of her in my dream, but she vanished just in sec. Recently, one of our Tibetan buddhist master past away and the whole monastery was doing whole lotta prayers for his new reincarnation to come soon. i had his dreams few times, yet one time, he came over and i just called out.. oh master u are dead and i know u have any message to past on yr ppl. he said : plz tell my ppl that i am coming back soon and plz pray for me with certain prayers listed. and he just vanished. Like that kinds of many dead ppl frm village neighbours coming in my dreams. plz help and explain… In tibetan tradition, if dead ppl comes in yr dream is bad omen. so m confused 🙂 M leo born, name kelsang, Tibetan lady, someone told me i have high psychic power

  37. Linda

    Can a spirit guide be an animal? I just had a dream of a brown bear with a white spot on its right leg. But it was there to lead me from a place that I was lost in.

  38. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Faith…..
      Well as long as I’m not in anybody’s nightmares I’m happy…LOL
    … have a gift for writing……I really enjoy reading your articles .
    Hugs…Gina Rose ext.9500

  39. Faith - 9608

    Hey Gina Rose, Well it’s that between dream and awake state you know. Sorta imparting words of wisdom just like sprinkling fairy dust everywhere! It was a lovely visit sharing and preparing. I do believe we spend a lot of time and energy in the nocturnal hours going where we are needed, it’s part of our calling as well. So keep visiting! 😉 Thank you for your wonderful words about this article.
    Blessings – Faith – 9608

  40. Faith - 9608

    Verbena, thank you for this – “our sense of connection comes from shared views” – that’s it exactly! From day one when I saw you were a reader on CP too I felt that kindred spirit connection! Thank you for your light and love.
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  41. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Faith…..
       Well, ever since your last fabulous article…I’ve been waiting for you to get unpacked and settled in  so you would give us another great article !!!!!!  And you did !!!!
      Ya know…..I’ve been popping up in alot of clients dreams too…..what do you think it means ???? 
    Hugs…Gina Rose ext.9500

  42. Faith - 9608

    Dear soche oteyza – beautiful! Have felt lovely Angel Wings surrounding me as well. Have seen them running after me even when I was chasing and playing with my children when they were younger – LOL! The thought I had at the time, being an Aries, was that they were saying “come-on let’s go, she’s on the move again”! LOL!
    I just suspect that if you call your Angel in telling him you’d like to feel his presence and guidance that you will very soon.
    Blessings – Faith 9608

  43. Faith - 9608

    Thank you Gina Rose! Yes love Uriel so much as he has helped me in some of the most trying yet auspicious times. Would love to hear anything you can share about your five guides. Had a dream of you last night still letting it filter in. Will share later. Thanks always for your kind words.
    Blessings – Faith 9608

  44. Faith - 9608

    Hello Fran, yes, your Native American Warrior Spirit Guide … very cool! Would love to help you connect … we’ll take a look at who comes through and what their guidance might be for you.
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  45. Fran

    Dear Faith,
    Thank you so much for this article! I love Angels!!
    I pray to and communicate with my Angels every day! This is going to sound silly, but I’ve asked them for a good parking spot so many times, that now it’s become a habit for them. LOL! I don’t even have to ask anymore!
    On a more serious note, whenever I’m feeling as though I’ve absorbed too much negativity, I always ask Archangel Michael to clear me and to replace the negative energy with positive, loving energy. And he always comes through. I can actually feel the “yuk” leaving my body…I feel lighter and more at peace.
    I also speak to my Spirit Guides regularly. I would like to get to know them better, really know them. I just don’t know how. When I meditate, I can feel their loving presence, but I would like to “hear” what they have to say to me, even just by “knowing” it. Psychic Jacqueline “introduced” me to one of my guides, a Native American warrior (and very handsome, I might add!) with whom I’d had a love affair with in a previous incarnation. She said that I had saved his life after a battle, and that he loved me so much that he wanted to remain with me in spirit to help me along life’s journey. Cool, huh?
    Would you be able to help me connect with my guides during a reading? If so, I would love to connect with YOU!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  46. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Faith,
    I LOVED this article!!!!!!!!
    ……this is exactly what I teach MY students…..BIG, BIG difference between regular spirit guides, drop-in guides, and the Angelic realm.
    Guides and Angels can only intervene just so much….they cannot interfer with your Karmic destiny or path…they can only help guide.
    Yes…I agree.. you ask for something just once…..and then let it go! But it must be something that you really need to aid you, or others, on your Karmic path.
    Faith….You go girl !!!!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS….My Guardian Angelic higher power is Uriel….my five guides are seperate from Uriel…..I only call upon Uriel, ( in very rare cases) to help and protect others such as my daughter and loved ones…not myself.

  47. soche oteyza

    my guardian angel, herman made himself known to me in 1994 at a time when i was so afraid, i just lost my job and didn’t know what was going to happen to me. i cried myself to sleep and i remember waking up the next morning in that state between being fully awake and still sleeping. I was wrapped in my angel’s wings ( i could feel the feathers as i lifted the wings). since then i would have conversations with my angel at all times of the day regardless of where i was. in 2001 i was living in this high rise and was experiencing extreme back pain but i wanted to go to the basement to buy a soda from the machine at 11 pm and as i was walking down the corridor to the elevator i felt this huge being walking behind me kind of protecting me and again when i went back up to my apartment and i just said i’m not afraid i know it’s you. in 2006 my life turned upside down and since then i have not felt my angel which really makes me sad because i never felt alone when he was around.


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