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I have lost three loved ones – my mother, my father and my husband. One day I came home to find three owls sitting on a fence facing my door. I was frightened at first, but they left. They came back daily for a good while. Then one day there were two, then finally one, then none. Although I suffered abuse from both parents, I miss them… but more than anything I miss my husband! He was my soulmate. I meet lots of men who are attractive to me, but I don’t feel any connection. Do you think my husband doesn’t want me to move forward, or did I experience a once-in-a-lifetime love? And were the three owls my parents and my husband?

Looking for answers

Dear Looking,

What a remarkable and unique experience you had with those three owls! They were, indeed, a spiritual visitation – messengers from the spirits of your father, mother and your first husband.

Your Spirit Guides have this to say about your owls, and about your future relationships:

“Even though the relationship with your parents was very different from the loving connection with your first husband, the owls were an invitation for you to look at and understand them together. This search for understanding is a necessary step to take before you can move forward in your life, and will help you avoid repeating the experience you had with your second husband.”

You’re being asked to consider your relationships in the order of their departures – in other words, looking back over your relationships starting with the one who died first, then the next, then the next. Imagine each of your loved ones appearing to you in turn as an owl, and imagine them sharing their owl-like wisdom and insight with you.

It must seem strange to you to add your husband to the mix, but I can see the energies connecting all three relationships with you, and with each other, so I know that it’s important for you to consider them together. For starters, your relationship with your husband will provide contrast to your childhood experience of conditional love – your Guides are emphatic that there are important insights that you’ll gain by remembering and evaluating each in the context of the others. These insights will lay a foundation of wisdom that will open the door for your next relationships to be happy and fulfilling… different from what you enjoyed with your husband, but still wonderful.

Your husband is still with you as a loving presence in your energy field. It troubles him that you are unhappy now, and that your loss of him is keeping you from moving on, especially since he’s actively involved in finding a new mate for you! Talk to him, ask him to help you understand how your relationships with him and with your parents are connected. Ask him to let you know somehow when he’s sending you a possible mate – he’s there, he’s listening, and he’ll find a way to answer. Usually you get a great rush of goosebumps when he’s sending a message.

Your life is far from over, and the wisdom you’ll gain from this task will add depth and richness to your future.

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