My Psychic Success Story!

This is a continuation of my last post regarding timing (Perfect Timing?), and I mentioned Psychic Violet’s prediction of the end of July as being my timeline on a creative project I have been working on for over a year. The details of this project are not important here, but for clarity I will mention it is a television sitcom pilot that has been filmed in front of a live audience, and it is in the editing stages now. So much has happened since my last posting, different editors have been spoken to, the executive producers, the director and myself (I am the producer/writer) have come to different conclusions. There has been some creative differences and some tension. It all has actually come to a head, and the director and myself have agreed on a certain direction and are headed there now. The executive producers are going in a different direction, and we will re-group when both teams have completed their own versions. It does sound a bit messy, but it is show business and it is rarely easy. However it is a passion for those involved and persevering is obviously key. Violet was right on many levels, her timeline of the end of July was accurate, in that it is finished…Project has reshaped, it’s direction has
taken huge turns, it’s original projection is re-envisioned. Ties of friendships and business relationships were nearly severed, a new chapter has been written and is now opening on this project and I can easily point out Psychic Violet knew something would be ending…and as usual, something new begins. I will revisit with Violet soon, it has been a while and a lot has changed! Thanks Violet!

9 thoughts on “My Psychic Success Story!

  1. Sorah Suhng

    I for one can say that I never judge a book by its cover and within that, I have never looked for “Prince Charming.”
    Firstly, thanks for passing judgment on individuals who you have never met or had any intellectual discourse with. It shows the rest of “us crazy people” that the “OLB” thrives inside you.
    As adults, we should be able to have open discussions on any topic, regardless of sensitivity. Lashing out at strangers in a relatively anonymous setting is, frankly, childish.
    All the more reason that more women (and men) be aware of the OLB phenomenon.
    I believe that everyone who has commented here (or in the LEAST the VAST majority) have all expressed the want of healthy, equal, communicative relationships. HOW is that “looking for Prince Charming”?
    I think you really need to ask yourself what compelled you to lash out so harshly. Did I hit the nail on the head with you? Is it scary to have someone put the magnifying glass so closely on your personal flaws?
    The difference between a self aware individual and an OLB (or overgrown little girl, in some cases) is that they can address their flaws.
    And not throw a temper tantrum.
    Have a wonderful week and I hope that you find whatever it is you are looking for.
    <3 Sorah

  2. J. Bruce Wilcox

    Frankly- I think you women need a reality check. Try checking in with your own ‘I’m a little princess and I’m waiting for prince charming to come and sweep me off my feet so I can live happily ever after’ fairy tale reality that you’re all embedded with.

  3. Abigail Ext 9570

    Dreams do come true glad to hear your moving forward. As for Violet wonderful job and I’m sure she’s pleased you are her fan. Be sure to share with us the future progress so we can all send you energy towards sucess….
    Many Blessings

  4. Fran

    Hi Anthony!
    What great news…I’m so stoked for you! I hope you’ll continue to keep us posted on your show and when we can expect to see it on TV. CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Anthony,
    I’ve trained psychics for 28 years…..and I can say without any reservations that Violet is an excellent psychic with exceptional remote viewing skills.Her animal/pet readings are exceptional too!
    She is also a very loving, caring person who works tirelessly with animals and shelters. I’m proud to call her a friend.
    Thank You, Anthony, for sharing your experience with Violet with everybody in here.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. browneyes

    Thank you Anthony for this update. I am always glad to hear of predictions coming to fruition. I know they are not all 100% but it sure gives those of us hope when we hear of the ones that do come true. Good luck with your project, I hope it does very well.


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