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I have always had a connection to Egypt and archeology. When I was in grammar school I would go to the library at school and check out the same book every week entitled “Archeology.” It had a gold sarcophagus on the front and I would look at its pictures over and over each week.

When I grew up and moved to New York, I visited the Metropolitan Museum and found myself in the Egyptology section and lost track of time. A guard found me there and told me that the museum had closed. I had been there for several hours and had no idea how long I had been in that one area.

People have always treated me as if I were regal or royal and I never seemed to fit in anywhere with most. The same question seems to pop up. What are you doing here? I even had a co-worker tell my boss that I thought I was above them and really didn’t want to be there! I never told her that. Is it possible that I have a past life in Egypt? The connection was very strong when I was younger but has lessened now that I am an adult.

I feel very connected to Italy as well. I once had a dream where a Sicilian man came to me and showed me a very old turn of the century picture which must have been he and his mother. When I awoke, I wrote his name down and searched him on the Internet. Not only did I find him but his entire family tree! He died in Philadelphia in the late ’80s! I feel like he’s family… by the way I am not Sicilian. What’s going on with me?

Robin in Los Angeles

Dear Robin,

When past life memories are as close to the surface as yours have been, it’s often either because your soul is powerfully motivated to make long-cherished dreams from that prior life come true in this one, or because you’re completing a series of incarnations, and the memories are connected to experiences and people you want to revisit in order to complete the circle. In your case, both are true. Your sense of connection to those lives may have faded, but your soul’s desires are undimmed.

Probably your early fascination with Egypt was intensified by the fact that your brother/husband and soul twin from that past life is now your primary Spirit Guide. You were members of a Pharaoh’s household, and the two of you grew up during a difficult reign, one with famine and strife, whose rulers were extremely unpopular and feared. You and your brother/husband (and he was both brother and husband, not uncommon in those days) longed to escape your life of power, privilege and danger, and to live anonymous, quiet, everyday lives peacefully fishing or farming and helping your fellow peasants along the Nile. Many of the people who’ve challenged your right to be among them in this life were there then, suffered from the difficulties of the reign, and blamed your family for the problems.

There isn’t room here to tell you the dramatic story of what happened to the two of you, but according to your brother you can now find closure and fulfill the true meaning of your shared soul longings by giving service in this lifetime. Whether you volunteer at a soup kitchen, or arrange pet visits for lonely elders, advocate for abused children, or give any other form of one-on-one personal assistance, you will find challenge and profound satisfaction in spending time on the front lines of social service.

As for the Sicilian life, the woman in that photo was you, and if you burrow around in that family’s history you’ll find a fascinating and magical story that will help you further understand and celebrate your soul’s journey.

Of course, a past life regression or reading would help you gain more detailed knowledge of your soul’s history and evolving purpose. It may help you find closure and completion to clear the path for your next adventures. If you build a communication bridge to your brother and your other Spirit Guides, either through readings or by developing your abilities, they are ready and eager to share your experiences and help you understand them.

Your past life memories are a challenge, a blessing, and the doorway to an incredible journey.


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