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For many years I was aware and communicating with my guides, but after the death of my daughter I somehow lost them. I have tried all my usual meditations, spirit journeys and prayer – but to no avail.

Do guides desert you or have I closed off? Will they return? I would really love to reconnect with them. Please help!
– Jan in New Zealand

Dear Jan,

Your guides have been with you all along – and, even from their expanded perspective of compassionate acceptance, they have been feeling frustrated and cut off, just as you have. Also, since your daughter’s death you’ve gained two additional guides: one is your daughter, and the second identifies himself as your “guide to the next level of spiritual mastery.” The name he gave sounded similar to “Ranulf,” but seemed to be in a language I don’t recognize. Perhaps this rings a bell for you.

The picture they keep giving me is one of you and all your guides and angels sitting around a table underneath a big, leafy tree – each with a cup of coffee or tea or glass of juice, and just hanging out together, sharing stories and affection, like the best kind of family reunion. Their longing to reconnect with you is so powerful!

The message I get with that image is this: “You have struggled valiantly to recover from your daughter’s death, and to get on with your life. Now it is time to release your struggles and turn within to silence and stillness. Her death marked a sea change, not just in your outer life but your inner life as well – and for now, your usual ways of contacting us are unable to achieve the next level of connection and healing that awaits you.”

In order to reconnect, they want you to engage in a new spiritual practice – one they’d like you to do as often as you think of it, along with your daily activities. They emphasize that these visualizations should accompany daily activities – walking, washing dishes, working, whatever you do daily – because this new level of awareness and connection will be a “24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year” reality, instead of primarily occurring when you set aside special time.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the chakra system, but you may not be aware of three powerful energy centers that are not common knowledge. One, the hara, is discussed in Barbara Ann Brennan’s books, and is just two fingers below your navel, in the center of your body. In Reiki it is frequently identified as the second chakra, but the hara actually resides inside that energy center, and is often seen as fuschia-colored.

The second is called the higher heart, and is located, again in the center of your body, behind the thymus gland – just below the notch in your collarbone. The last one shares space with your pituitary gland under the center of your brain. Your guides ask you to focus on any one of those three centers, in any order, and find the stillness particular to that chakra for just a few moments.

Do this as many times a day as you can. Then, in the morning and evening, imagine you can see the three of them linked by a beam of light from your Higher Self – through the three chakras, and down to the center of the Earth. This practice will open the doors that have felt closed to you. You’ll know when it’s time to return to meditations and journeying, and I suspect you’ll be amazed at what happens!

Your daughter asks me to tell you that she originally came to watch over you out of guilt over causing you such pain, but she is staying with you for pure joy – the joy of being with you, and the joy of sharing in the spiritual unfolding that awaits you!

Many blessings on the next stage of your journey, Jan!

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