DreamCast: Emerging From the Background

I dreamt last night of a huge, very old house that was ready for renovation. There were lots of guests in the house, all of whom I didn’t know. I was the important person but always acting from behind the scenes. It was like a celebration for the house, all very hidden and unknown.

There was this huge kitchen with nothing in it but a big old stove in the middle of the room. It looked sort of black, and someone said it was still cooling down from being hot. Someone else said we should go buy some food for all the people in the house. Another guest said that the food was already ordered. Then suddenly, my mother appeared and sent everyone away, saying she wanted to spend time with me.


Nina in Calgary

Hello Nina,

It’s time to emerge from the background and shine! The old house is your life, so it appears you’re entering a period of change in preparation for a new path or perspective. The unknown people represent elements inside you, like talents and inclinations, that you’re just becoming aware of now. It’s interesting that the stove was a centerpiece in the dream. It symbolizes your energy and your ability to nurture yourself and others. The heat may be stored anger that you’re dealing with, or perhaps you’re not feeling as sexy (hot!) as you used to. Fortunately, whatever your “renovation” entails, there will be plenty of abundance to sustain you, as represented by the food that was headed your way. You mother may represent your ability to take care of yourself. Just don’t ignore (send away) that which can assist you in your endeavors. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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