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In consultations with many different Intuitives/Clairvoyants, I have been told that I am pretty intuitive myself and have a Guide named Joseph with many more Angels surrounding me for help. How come they’ve never helped? Truthfully, I would love to be able to communicate with at least one of them — can you guide me to the right path? I can sense a problem before it occurs, like my first car accident, but why can’t my Psychic Guides help me avoid trouble completely?

Please guide me….

Lila in Massachusetts

Dear Lila,

You know, it sounds to me like you, your Angels and your Spirit Guides are already a pretty proficient team. The big clue about the already-high level of your connection with your Spirit Guides is the fact that you knew about your car accident before it occurred. Why didn’t they help you avoid it completely? Well, mostly because working with Spirit Guides is a team effort — they give you the warning and you dictate what happens next.

I had an experience similar to yours that may help you understand what I mean. One day I had a strong feeling that I was going to have problems with my car during an important trip, so I borrowed my grandmother’s car. During the drive I suddenly felt the brakes give out in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic…and at the moment the brakes failed I called for help. I was immediately swamped with goose bumps, and felt my head being turned toward the left, where I saw high-speed traffic open just enough for me to cut across two lanes of LA pre-Christmas airport traffic and on to the side of the freeway, where I coasted my grandmother’s Queen Mary-sized car a few hundred yards to a dip in the road where it easily stopped. Even though I wasn’t actively working with Spirit Guides at that time in my life, because I asked for help, I was in that moment supported by forces outside my everyday experience, helping me steer the car and ramp up my reflexes so I could squeeze through a tricky space to safety. And perhaps even helping create that gap in traffic.

If you want to improve your ability to work with your spirit team, first, if you need help or more information when you receive intuitions, ask for it! Second, since you apparently like to have things concrete, develop at least one psychic ability which will allow you to clearly receive answers from Angels and Guides, and feel confident that the information is accurate. I think that ultimately Clairsentience will be your primary method, but you might start with journaling/automatic writing, or a pendulum. And, finally, it will help you a lot to read about the spirit worlds and understand more about spirituality in general. You’re very bright, and every bit of knowledge you gain will add strength and skill to your psychic activities.

You have a lot going for you in this area, Lila, and who knows? You could end up working for California Psychics when you get really good!

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