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I feel like my Guardian Angel is with me so much. Every day the presence of my Angel comforts me. I would like to also know the name of my Angel and Spiritual Guides around me. I sometimes wake up at night and see this very tall orange glowing figure, but no features are there, just a being that glows orange standing over me. Also when I went to my chapel and prayed I heard Jesus speaking to me. I just want to know how I can communicate back or if there is something I am missing to do. Can they show me the way to love? I try but feel I am missing how to listen. Please help me to understand.

Kathryn of Richmond, Texas

Dear Kathryn,

The beautiful orange being that you see at night is definitely your personal Guardian Angel. Although she tells me that you don’t really need a name to call upon her, because she is always, always focused on you, your thoughts and your well being, you may call her Chrysanthemum. She chose that name because she loves the light, cheerful, bright energy of flowers, and that is the essence she wants you to associate with her. It’s also interesting that her color, orange, is associated with the chakra or energy wheel in your body that is about passionate, personal love. She is literally vibrating love energy for you.

I’m told by her that you are already doing a fantastic job of communicating with your Guides and Guardian Angel. Prayer is one of the most powerful methods that you can use for confiding in them and asking their help, and it’s a rare person, indeed, who can actually hear answers as you occasionally do.

While Jesus is not actually your personal Spirit Guide, you have definitely formed a close relationship with his Universal Presence, and should be able to easily tap in to his wisdom, compassion and healing power for the rest of your life.

Your two most active Spirit Guides have been your mentors, teachers and fellow priest and priestess during your many past lives as a psychic, channel and healer. Their names are Wilana and Thuris. It is those past life experiences which allow you to easily communicate with them, although you often discount one of their main ways of giving you information: namely, your intuition. Learning to tell the difference between your intuition and wishful thinking is a great project for you this year, and you’ll find a great deal of information about how to do this on California Psychics, in the newsletter archives and on the blog.

As you work with your Guides to find your way to love, watch for signs along your path. Wilana and Thuris, like so many others’ Guides, also use synchronicity to help show you the way to what you desire. Books and magazine articles that pop out at you, street signs that catch your attention, symbols and ideas that attract your eye again and again, and unlikely events that appear to be connected are usually a sign that the Universe or your Guides are giving you guidance. They’re like markers on a path through the forest. You need to be alert in order to notice them, but if you are they guide you along the easiest and most scenic path to your destination.

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