DreamCast: My Aunt’s Panther

I had a dream about an aunt who had a real black panther by her side. In the dream it seemed to be her pet, but it jumped up on me and bit me in the face. Then I woke up. What does that mean?


From Robyn in Shelby, North Carolina


Hello Robyn,


How do you feel about this aunt? Since dream characters usually symbolize some part of your psyche, the characteristics of your aunt (and the panther, too) are probably within you. They might represent your personal power, which you have some fear about. Or they might symbolize some hidden anger within you. However, there might be another explanation. You may be intuiting some negativity within your aunt. Does she seem resentful toward you, or two-faced, with the spiteful side showing up occasionally? Most likely, however, these dream characters are you. On the positive side, the aunt and the panther can be your strength, which prompts you to stand up for yourself and propels you toward accomplishment.

Sweet dreams,



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