Red Responds: Will They Reunite in America?

Neha in Mumbai writes:

I am 25 years of age — an Indian national. I am seeing a guy almost 4 years now. We were in the same medical school in Russia. He is doing his internship in India and I did not clear the exam for the eligibility of internship in my home country which he did. I am now in the USA since my aunt wants me to take residency here as she is a doctor here and my well wisher. My family does not know about us seeing each other. He too plans to take his US licensing exams while he is doing his internship in India and come here next year, but he does not have a Visa. I want to know if we could make it together forever as we really love each other. Will I clear my US licensing exams in the first attempt? Please let me know because I miss him a lot and don’t want a future without him.

Dear Neha,

In terms of your relationship, it looks as if the two of you will eventually achieve your goal of being together. You have some obstacles to work through as far as distance and family are concerned, but your relationship is strong enough to endure and overcome these challenges.

Your boyfriend will be successful in his endeavors to come to the United States. He will be quite fortunate in finding a sponsor, which will make obtaining his Visa a fairly routine process. It looks as if he will be on the East coast, possibly New York or New Jersey.

As far as your exams go, you will pass, but not necessarily on your first attempt. However, this is something that is within your power to change. As overwhelming as these exams are, you can be fully prepared if you make it a mission. Spend the time and money to run through the available “practice” exams, and you will quickly discover your areas of weakness, and correct them. Don’t be afraid to ask your Aunt for help. She will be more than willing to assist you. I know it’s a huge undertaking, and you are under a great deal of stress and expectation, but you can do this!

Remain focused on your priorities, and everything will fall into place. Even though your heart may tell you differently, your education and career need to remain your first concern. In time, after a few professional accomplishments, it will be easier for you to reveal your relationship, and your marriage plans.

Good luck!
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