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I am a true, firm believer in Angels…of all kinds. My husband Rory was in a devastating hit-and-run motorcycle accident this past August. Rory is currently in a semi-comatose state. I have discovered that his Guardian Angel is Archangel Gabriel. I would love to be able to know if Rory has a Spirit Guide that we could address…that could guide Rory and keep his spirit strong enough to overcome this tragedy. Could you locate Rory’s Spirit Guide to see if they are willing to communicate with Rory or me.

Bountiful thanks and blessings to you,

Dear Linda,

The Angelic energies surrounding you and your husband are incredibly powerful and close, and interestingly enough your Spirit Guides and his, after asking me to tell you to “expect miracles,” have deferred to your Angels and your Higher Selves. They have asked me to give you a technique which will allow you to work directly with Rory.

The meditation which follows will perhaps seem simple but, trust me, it works! You may use this as often as you like, and you can have Rory near you, or not, when you do it.

Clear, ground and center yourself, and focus within. As you probably know, the more senses you add to a meditation, the more effective it can be, so add sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to each step of this experience. See Angel Gabriel, Messenger of Joy, standing behind Rory, hands on his shoulders. You’ll probably also get an impression of Rory’s Spirit Guides. Then imagine your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides behind you.

Now, picture a brilliant star high over your head. This star is your Higher Self. Imagine, see, hear, feel, smell, taste and experience the energies of an intense beam of light which comes down from your Higher Self Star, enters the top of your head, shines down through the center of your body, and then down to connect firmly to the center of the earth. Next, picture and experience the same thing happening to Rory.

What you have constructed is a communications system which allows you to pour your heart out unedited and send all of it to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self then sends it across the connecting beam to Rory’s. His Higher Self puts it into a form which Rory can receive and respond to, and passes it down the beam of light to him. Rory’s responses will return to you the same way. And he will respond!

Remember what your Guides and Rory’s said to expect miracles!

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