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I have been reading, studying and meditating for about a year or two and know I have 4 guides with me. My Joy guide I believe is Hannah (not positive on name) and my Protector guide I can feel very strongly at times but the other two I am having a hard time getting to know. I would also love to be able to communicate with them and not just sense them, but guess I need names, descriptions etc. to help me along.

I am going through a lot financially, and emotionally, had a real tough time with my 24 year old daughter, bills are piling, car is dying, son in college and I am desperately searching for my soulmate, so sick of doing everything on my own…

I would love to meet my guides and have them help me through this tough time so I don’t feel like it is all on my shoulders, but I can’t seem to connect.

Can you please help??


Bonnie, New York

Dear Bonnie,

While you’ve made great progress during your studies and meditations in building up a cornucopia of supportive ideas, resources and spiritual connections, your Spirit Guides want me to get your attention about one source of wisdom which you continually discount – your intuition!

This can create frustrations, both for you and for your Guides, because their best way of getting ideas, suggestions and advice to you right now is by giving you what you experience as intuitions. Imagine their frustration when you think it’s just some crazy old idea from your own brain and dismiss it! So, they recommend starting to take your intuitions seriously, and you’ll quickly learn ways to tell which are just wild ideas and which are suggestions from Guides. You’ll get clues like the energy you feel, or whether the idea presents itself as an image or a feeling or an almost-sound.

Your Joy Guide is very happy with the name Hannah. She looks remarkably like our very own Psychic Red who does the Red Responds column in this newsletter, but is dressed in an old-fashioned homespun linen shift. Her greatest joy seems to come from a simplicity of life which gives her great freedom to pursue her interests of the moment. She can obviously help you simplify your life for greater joy!

Your Protector Guide looks like a Crusades knight and is named Etienne. It almost seems that the knight-in-shining-armor look is a costume of sorts, a way of telling you how much strength and effort he puts into protecting you, to which he adds, “So would you tell her to relax a little and let me do some of the work, please?” He has shown me a way for you to talk to him that’s simple and direct, and effective as long as you set up a kind of sacred space to work in. He says you can use a pendulum, and ask him specifically if he can help or protect you in particular situations, letting him use the pendulum to answer yes or no. This technique has limits, but it’s a good place to start.

Only one other Guide stepped forward to be identified, although I’m aware of at least two more standing near you. Her name is Oona, and she’s a little hard to see because she’s very reclusive. She brings you two gifts: first, she’s a master at setting boundaries (which seems to be a problem for you), and will step in to help any time you ask. Just say aloud, “Oona, I need some boundaries here. Please help!” And then be alert for intuitions. The second gift she brings is inner silence. Somehow she can help you easily develop a skill which can take people lifetimes to achieve, and she suggests that you begin each meditation by asking her help to first establish inner silence and stillness.

You will also want to develop your own method of communicating with your guides through writing, using journaling, automatic writing or some combination. If you write down a question directed at one of your Guides and then just start writing anything, pretty soon you’ll begin to recognize your different Guides as each responds. There’s lots of material on California Psychics about communicating with Guides to help you out.

Although your near future is bringing new challenges and opportunities, Bonnie, be sure to notice that some of the old challenges are finding resolution and you are gaining greater freedom through walking your spiritual path.

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