Are You Addicted to Struggle?

Are you addicted to struggle? Do you find your life is one struggle to the next?

Struggle is the energy created in your life every time you bring a wound from the past forward into your present. It is also the energy created when you lose yourself in the future trying to understand what the future looks like so you can be prepared. So when your future unfolds and does not fit into the nice little box you have prepared so well for your idea of what your future should look like, you begin the struggle to try and fit your future into your box. I suggest forget the box – throw the box away and allow yourself to be liberated from the struggle of controlling your future.

In my work I am shown by the Keepers of Time possible futures for individuals. The future is unknown and uncertain, a black void waiting for you to create it with your thoughts. Struggle declares you a victim and I will tell you that is an untruth. You are a volunteer. You volunteered to experience and witness the greatest time of living on Earth, a little speck in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is time to heal your separateness of the NOW and bring yourself home to the present where the past is forgiven and forgotten and the future becomes a blank canvas for you to create your life.

I invite you to join me and many others who are consciously creating their future and step mindful into your own creation where you will discover the joy of liberation from struggle.

Birthing this New World Age does not have to be a struggle. It can become an adventure of life and conscious living. The New World Age awaits you. Looking forward to meeting all of you in the new timeline.

22 thoughts on “Are You Addicted to Struggle?

  1. Sag

    Yes, create your future. Don’t let what someone or something from your past decide the life you will have. Decide to live in the moment. See that life is beautiful. Create the future you want and don’t let past pains decide it for you. Release, Believe, Have Faith and Trust, in yourself and in others and in God. Every morning is a new start.

  2. bettet

    Thank you so much for the great article. I have been trying so hard to get an old flame out of my life and heart. We have been apart for 2 years but now he has been in contact again. He is always on my mind and he is a real ladies man. He is separated but with another, and what am i to do. Am trying to go on but there is no one out there. Thanks for reading this.BETTE

  3. B E

    Try to be patient Sparkle,it probably took years for him to get that way.
    Rome was not built in one day :>)
    B E

  4. Psychic Amelia 9772

    Well, Hello Miss Kryatal and THANK YOU for your kind words. I just viewed it myself for the first time. Other than I needed more makeup and some better hair (it was early in the morning), I enjoyed sending the message. Thanks again.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Amelia,
    This is really cool !!!!……….as I literally can ” hear ” a person’s energy flow.
    Amelia, you have a very soothing, tranquil sound to your energy pattern.
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500
    Amelia I’m not using TypePad now….they lost my account info and I just never bothered to sign up for another one.

  6. Believer

    Wow!! Loved the video feature!! Amelia, you did a great job!
    Can more psychics do videos like this?? If so, please post them regularly. What a refreshing change to written words. Although I love the posted articles & reading in general…it was a fantastic new element for relaying a message!

  7. Sparkle

    Thank you for sharing this article. A man recently left me because his past unresolved hurts are preventing him from being present in a relationship. He is working on releasing the past so that he can have a relationship, but sadly, it probably won’t be with me. He looks at me as the source of his pain and doesn’t see that what he is experiencing, he has created from his past. It’s hard enough being left, but struggling with the blame is hurtful.

  8. jeetendra

    Excellent article, motivating but not easy to implement especially for Indians who are so emotionaly attached to big families(joint) and loaded with reposiblities.I agree it is time to break free and do work that u enjoy most and bury past and future to eradicate struggle and enjoy and live a more meaningful life with peace of mind.

  9. Fiona

    The challenge I find is not so much concerning myself, but the ‘struggle’ of responsibility for others. Whereas I am reasonably responsive to the ‘power of now’, which is a wonderful state of mind to reach, it is difficult not to worry when responsible for children for instance.

  10. Ladyhawc

    Lise, you are so dead on! Jumping does feel oh so scary, but if we let go, our souls really can fly! The problem lies in remembering that we can fly no matter how comfortable solid ground may feel. When I really feel “rooted” I picture the monster under the bed just behind me. However, as I do not have this jumping and flying thing down in all areas – sometimes he catches me. 🙂

  11. ewyna34

    thank you Mariposa, I am in the middle of just doing exactly that. I’ve been told that I will have a relationship come June, but I am going yea right, I’ll believe that one when I see it. I am dragging several past hurts forward with me. I can tell I have some work to do. Healing myself first and letting all that baggage go to create my future the way *I* want it to be not someone’s else vision imposed on me.

  12. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thanks sweety! Don’t you think we may as well make this enjoyable? Does it really have to be that difficult? Embrace change and watch your life take off like a hot air balloon ride! UP UP AND AWAY WE GO! Let’s cruise on into the new world! Hugs and many thanks,
    Miss Krystal

  13. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said…..
    Hi Mariposa,
    Great article I thoroughly enjoyed it, I totally agree with you that the future is ours to create.
    I have chosen in my point in life to love every minute, things, life, relationships, money whatever it may be, will fall into place, the way Karmic law has intended for it to.
    I will see you there….In the New Time Line!
    Blessings and Hugs,
    Jacqueline x9472

  14. The Lovely Duckling

    Thank you for such an inspiring article, Mariposa!
    Letting go of the struggle feels a little like jumping off a cliff without knowing what’s at the bottom. But, then again, continuing to struggle feels like clinging desperately by a fingernail. Neither seems like a comfortable choice, but choosing to jump will get us somewhere where clinging to the same thing won’t.
    The uncertainty of what lies ahead sometimes makes me so afraid, but I try to keep in mind that if I close my eyes in fear I am going to miss everything there is to see on the way down. I shouldn’t be focused on what is at the bottom…it so far away and really isn’t what is most important anyway. Instead I should be trying to learn to fly.
    Lise 🙂

  15. mariposa

    Thank you for your response Gina Rose I myself am always in awe when doing a reading for a client and informstion given about the future comes to pass. The human spirit is an amazing creative force that is constantly folding the reality like a beautiful fractal. The fractal creates patterns of experiences that will continue to repeat. To change the repeating patterns one consciously changes the direction of thought. When I read a client I focus on the thought wave patterns and receive pictures of possible outcomes and depending on whether the client continues to have those same thought waves or chooses to change their thoughts the future will unfold from their creative thoughts. Continue your great work in helping others see their future. You have a special gift.
    Love and Light

  16. mariposa

    Thank you Philip I agree completely that it is a dishonor to view humanity as broken. In truth humanity is whole and very healthy, everything else is an illusion. Perception the most difficult concept on the planet because everyone has their own special point of view. I give gratitude every day for the beautiful diversity of humanity that gives me a new adventure everyday. I wake up every day and know that the day is a blank canvas and I anticipate to learn something new from the different perceptions of my human brothers and sisters, my teachers.
    Love & Light

  17. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hello Mariposa-
    I truly found your article very thought provoking. I really enjoyed it, thank you.
    What came to mind, right after reading your article…. I think the only thing we should do as far as the past, is learn what we can from it and try to see what our valuable lessons are; Yet, I think we should not hold on to the past-it holds us back. Why? Because I have listened to people for 18 years, on a professional level, hold on to the past as they can’t even begin to see or, understand that there is a FUTURE for them!….In other words, they are stuck….
    One of my passions doing readings is to try and help people reach for the future….To get them “hungry” in order to groove forward into the future….IT IS EASIER THAN SOME PEOPLE THINK! It’s a state of mind…A special “zone” that can begin by just being in the “moment.” Being in the moment gets one onto the path of the future…Call it the gateway, if you will……
    Let’s groove into the future folks, let’s start embracing every single day of our life and all of the people we come into contact with-let’s show all of those people the following: repsect, forgiveness, grace and human understanding….
    If you truly believe the best is still, yet to come, it can and it will! God and the universe will bless you for being good to your fellow neighbor, coworker, boss and the people you are surrounded by…Walk away from slander and personal attacks! Your life will be much richer and you will get stronger..
    Contribute the karmic pot! … This doesn’t cost anything folks! It’s free will.. for the good of all people and the universe… Lift your spirits, makes wishes, say prayers and try to see the best in people….I promise you, your life will get better and you will have many signs that you are on the right path! Into the future! And moment by moment!
    Thank you so much for a very wonderful piece.
    I so appreciate your work. Take care,
    Miss Krystal

  18. mariposa

    GROOVY Miss Krystal Getting into the groove of life. Thank you for your response see you in the New World Age.
    Love & Light

  19. phillip9485Phillip

    Wonderful post Miraposa,
    Years ago as a seminar group leader one of the first things that they demanded of us as staff was that we must never view participants as “broken”. It dishonors them and trivializes their journey, while creating a barrier between us and them. I have been honored to meet such gifted souls, both psychics AND callers. All of them have had lessons for me to learn. I also agree with everything that Gina Rose posted here. Bottom line is that we are all in this together, and together we can accomplish anything. I appreciate your wisdom “Butterfly”. Your posts are both appreciated and valued by me. I thank you. Blessings.

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Mariposa,
    I agree with you on throwing away the box…..I like the way you articulated that in your article.
    Breaking old behavior patterns can be extremely hard and challenging, but also, and equally, extremely rewarding and beneficial.
    Regarding ” no one knows the future “….
    I had a reading 20 years ago by a psychic….
    …17 years later MANY things she predicted came true, and are STILL coming true, with chilling accuracy. Things that, at the time of the reading,I thought…no way.
    I, myself, being a pro psychic for 43 years, have made predictions that came true some 10 years later.I just recently got feedback from a private client that has been with me for 20 years….I prediction I made about her son, who was a minor back then, the prediction I made back in early 90’s came true as he grew into an adult.
    Great article, Mariposa…..
    I believe the greatest gift a psychic can give to their client is empowerment, not co-dependency. Part of empowering a client is making them understand that they CAN throw away that old box.
    Nobody is a victim, unless they choose to be…. The good news is that we are born into this incarnation with everything we need to succeed and be happy….
    Blessed Be )O( …Gina Rose ext.9500


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