7 Deadly Sins of Love

When you first fell in love, they could do no wrong. Now that the butterflies have settled, it may be time to check for horns. Is your new love a gift from above, or a demon in disguise? Watch for these signs that your one and only has been hiding some seriously sinful flaws.

Forget about the extra trips to the gym, or a few fervent glances in the mirror. A person’s pride in themselves becomes dangerous when they put appearances before the reality of your relationship. When they care what they look like to friends (or care what you look like to them), watch out!

This is a classic. The first time your beloved got a little huffy, you were flattered, but don’t be fooled! Jealousy and possessiveness are deadly for love. Unless those sentiments are justified (you can hardly blame them if you and your trainer are at it for more than side bends!), they’re telling signs of latent insecurity and a controlling nature. If they are envious of what your opposite-sex friends have with you, show them they have nothing to worry about. If your significant other can’t let it go, show your green monster to the door.

Okay, so a certain amount of lust in a lover is good – as long as it’s for you, of course. It’s when touching trumps talking that you have a problem. Make sure your lovemaking has a fair share of love in it. And if your lover’s lustful gaze is falling on anyone else’s goods, beware! It’s high time to wish them a lusty farewell.

Do you catch them taking the bigger piece of cake for themselves? Do they put their satisfaction in the bedroom over yours? These are telling signs that your lover is a glutton at heart. While there’s no harm in falling for a foodie, don’t waste your time with a partner who takes the give out of “give and take”!

Some sins can be forgiven. A nuclear temper is a deal-breaker. It usually starts out small – an unexpected blow-up followed by a hasty apology – and escalates from there. This is a sin that’s hard to conceal. Watch for early signs of a hidden temper. (The way they deal with family and friends will give you excellent clues.)

So your dearest gripes a little over the checkbook and watches cash flow when you’re out. No big deal, right? Those long hours at work are an investment in the future. Don’t let those dollar signs blind you to a serious character flaw. A little scrimping and scrounging is only sensible (though not over an $8 drink). When money is everything, though, love doesn’t have a chance.

Sloth isn’t just sinful, it’s wickedly unattractive. This tenet of inconsideration has a number of tells: they leave you with the dishes, decorate your living room with laundry, and leave dinner to you while they tune into an Xbox or a fashion special on TV. Don’t settle for selfishness and mess!

Love is hard work. If your love can’t put in the time and energy, you shouldn’t be wasting yours.

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