Animals in Your Dreams

Do you dream about your pet? It’s quite common, because dreams about that beloved creature you care for, symbolize your ability to nurture yourself. They are often a sign that it’s time to look at the vulnerable parts of ourselves that need some TLC.

Here are some pet dream scenarios to help you decode your own…

Find balance
Dreaming about a pet can also reveal how disciplined you are. If your pet is running wild, check to see if you’re undisciplined in some part of your life. Is your eating or drinking out of control? Are you falling behind on your bills? Animals are instinctual symbols, so if your instincts are running your life, you may need to use your intellect to control (not eliminate) your instincts.

A dream…
My friend Lisa offers a great example of wayward instincts. She says she sometimes dreams of trying to catch her husky, Angie, who is running around loose. These dreams baffled Lisa, until she realized that she usually dreamed about her dog being loose when she over-ate the day before. The dreams were telling her that her instincts, symbolized by Angie, were out of control and causing her to binge on the wrong foods.

Psychic connection
Perhaps the most intriguing kind of pet dreams are those that reveal our psychic connections to our pets. This is especially true if you dream of a pet that has died, because the souls of our animal companions can visit us in dreams. These dreams can be incredibly reassuring that our pets, and the love we shared with them, do indeed live on in the afterlife.

A dream…
David tells of a lucid dream he had of his dog, Shawnee, that is just as vivid now as when he had the dream years ago. At the time, David was devastated by her death from cancer.

In the middle of a regular dream, I suddenly realize I’m dreaming! My greatest desire is to visit Shawnee, so I lift off in a rush of flight, calling her name. A moment later I land on a farm surrounded by mountains. Several other dogs are there, including one who looks like Shawnee’s friend, Beau. Then, in the distance near the mountains, I see a small white speck running toward me – there she is! I joyfully throw my arms around her and we run together for awhile. When we stop, I reach down and take her face in my hands and ask her why she had cancer. The dream fades before I receive an answer. I awaken, knowing this dream is a tremendous gift.

Dreams about our pets can offer insights about our inner lives, including the need to nurture ourselves. And perhaps most important, they remind us of the power of love, which never dies.

Do you communicate with a departed pet? Tell us about it.

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