Intro to Oracle Cards

I am sure everybody has heard about Tarot decks, Oracles and Angel cards. Most people are more familiar with the Tarot which has been around for many centuries. (If you want to know more about the Tarot, check out posts in the Tarot section.)

Doreen (my wife) and I are going to explain the difference between Tarot and Oracles for you and also we will be highlighting an oracle called The Goddess Oracle in a weekly column. We are very excited to write about this oracle. It is all feminine based with a focus on female empowerment – using Goddesses from many different cultures. Each week we will pull a card and post a picture of it, give our interpretation of the card and go into the mythology of the Goddess. We also welcome each and every one of you to post your interpretation of that card and what it means to you. Make it your own with your heart. Individuality is the road to self. Find the Goddess in you!


Oracles and Angel cards are a spin-off from the Tarot, they are part of the New Age movement. Oracle cards can have any different number of cards compared to the traditional Tarot which has 78. They do not have a Major or Minor Arcana. There are many different decks out there and each one has their own mythology and philosophy. They are mostly used to seek higher knowledge and affirmation. They do not predict the future. They are designed to help us to see ourselves, situations, or the world around us differently – usually with empowerment, wisdom and strength.

Angel cards are very similar but they are designed with the Angels and Archangels in mind – having words of wisdom or affirmation from that specific Angel. After studying many Oracles and Angel cards I have found that they can really help us to understand our inner selves and give us words of wisdom in life. What I found unique about Oracles and Angel cards is that when a card is pulled it would help to remind us of what we need to work on for ourselves in that moment with strength, love and empowerment to proceed and make positive choices that are best for our higher selves.

What do you think of the Goddess Oracle? Have you had any experiences with it? Share your stories.

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