5 Ways to Clean Up Your Karma

Learn multiple ways to clean up our karma, the universe’s way of teaching us lessons and keeping balance. Karmic cleansing can battle those consequences. There are any number of ways we can see karma at work.

Called by different names in different traditions, karma can be loosely summed up as the Universe’s way of teaching you the lessons you need to learn – over and over again, until you actually learn them. In some traditions, this can take multiple lifetimes. In others, the lessons may or may not ever be learned. It can simply be a case of your individual ability and willingness to evolve.

No matter how you view karma, there’s no doubt that it affects your life. In fact, some argue that everything (good and bad) is karmic. Commenting on this very subject, one religious writer summed it up this way: “In life, there are no rewards, and there are no punishments. There are only consequences.” So how do you control those consequences?

Clean up
Opinions may vary when it comes to actual karma cleansing. Some spiritualists and psychics have the ability to read and clear individual karma (from past lives, and from this plane). If you want to know what your actual karma is, this is the way to go. But first, take a closer look.

Change your actions
Since karma is literally the result of your actions, remember that what goes around comes around. If you can see the link to what’s happening to you in your actions, you may very well have your answer there. Change your actions. It may seem difficult at first, and it will be. But you can choose to alter your karma, most of the time.

Be thankful
Karmic situations are not just negative ones. Most of us like to complain when something bad happens to us, but it’s rare to hear someone say “wow, karma!” if something great occurs. The next time you’re faced with what seems like unusual good luck, you might try a little gratitude – it goes a long way.

Check your intentions
Even if someone is able to clear your karma, you will continue to have free will. Thoughts affect action and karma. The only way to undertake a karmic cleansing is with purity of intention, and a real readiness to let go – and to move on.

The secret
Sometimes karma can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We all need to be careful with statements such as “I’ll never find my soulmate,” or “I can’t do that.” As much as these thoughts may be motivated by something beyond your understanding (low self-esteem, habit, past-life actions), with or without a karmic assessment and cleansing, a certain amount of responsibility lies with you. After all, only you can control your thoughts. And only you can control your actions.

So make them good ones – and enjoy the consquences… karmic benevolence!

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways to Clean Up Your Karma

  1. David

    i realize that i have done bad things in the past. it is okay with me if the result is bad. i just cannot move forward, i don’t have the courage anyway. Thank you for your article, it really help.

  2. Reinvent me

    I am becoming so firm about believing and practicing, Good Karma, each day. This is a good food for thought. You see as you practice good karma, how the good returns to you. The other day, I held a door for someone. They replied with a nice, “Thank You!” Then upon helping someone else that day with something they did not understand, I got a compliment, “You are the best.” So it is like a chain of dominoes, you just have to practice good and realize the rules behind Karma.

  3. Christine L

    How do I clean my Karma, all the negative and evil words and thoughts are coming back to bite me in the butt now. All my relationships fell and fall to s–t, I do not have any luck whats so ever. I went to confession plus I also got the evil eye for me my home and car. I hate this and what I have done to myself, can it be fixed?

  4. mrm

    I am done with my divorce but as my ex is still very aggressive with my children when he is with them… i am back in court litigating for me to keep the kids more time… He is just mean. physically abusive, emotionally abusive and doing a lot of damage to my kids who suffer a lot … How can I for give or keep quiet? I can forgive but I have to fight or my children ! While married he was abusive with me… but as he is still so aggressive to the kids I feel the obligation to defend them …

    I am not sure if my ex is creating more Karma by continuing being so aggressive … how can I get rid of this karma is it is an on going thing…
    Should I let my young 2 children fend for themselves?
    I appreciate your input.


  5. Ayla

    Remember to also be good to YOURSELF! You are also a creature of the universe; be good to yourself as much as to others…..clear your bad Karma against yourself! This is what I am learning right now….I’ve been too nice to people and it wasn’t actually genuine, though I didn’t know it at the time. It came from neediness. Now I respect and love myself the way I wish to respect and love others; but with strong boundaries in place.

  6. leyla

    Hi Alll,
    I have just clean karma trough the divorce it was very stresfull time for me now i forgive my X and be friend with him even though he was very mean agressive so on….I have just kept quiet not answer his nonesense argument ,sent everyone love and pozitive thought inculude your X,enemy anliving being peacefull state of mind ultimate happiness brings our life libereate our soul.No point to fight matter can be disolve with love like ice meltes under the hot Sun.also there are chanting mantra,tarpanam,Bathing in the holy water so fort but best way to clean Karma give unconditional those are who needs money love care anything do volunteer work donote money even though small amount.dropp by dropp your muddy karma turn into the pure clear water ….Then you will taste a infinite happiness……..It will come sooner then you think cos this is aGolden age with love and blessing allll

  7. Anne

    So you really didnt explain all that much about how to clear karma. Can you be really more specific please with instructions?

  8. jon berggren

    Hello. Just a lil input from myself as far as this sites karmic explainations go. I too totally believe and see first hand daily karmic contradictions. After all. I have learned that yes, it is real,and yes,what you put in is what you get out. Esp. With attitudes and actions so therefore yes it is truly real. At the same time though uncontrollable karmic dealings does truly happen. Unfortunately. Even though its all gotta do with karmic lessons, i believe the way its all dealt with and handled according to each situation truly affects the outcomes esp for future possibilties. Anyways. I meditate daily to clear my karma and consiousness. Also. I totally regret all my karmic wrong doings as well. And i am grateful for all of my karmic blessings. Thank you universe and karma for all that you have done for me and taught me esp to be and strive to be a better person. God bless. Much love universe. Also. P.S. to really clear your karma. In my opinion. Right your wrongs no matter what the cost. Otherwise. Eventually, you will have to face them unfortunately no matter what at one time in life or another. For mine. I am truly sorry. Please forgive me karma. Thank you. Blessings to all!!!

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