2012: The End of the World?

I’ve never really thought much about 2012. Oh sure, I’ve had more than a few clients ask me if I thought the world was going to end around 2012, but my response was usually anything less than thrilling: “No, I don’t see the world ending in 2012. If anything, I feel that things will be just beginning.”

Yet others feel differently: Some proclaim it’s the end of the world, others talking about the Mayan Calendar, and still others indicate that extraterrestrials will begin their master plan.

So when I ask my guides “what will 2012 bring,” imagine my surprise when one of them told me “It will be a time period of dramatic and dynamic changes in which the world as we know it will go through a purging—a purging meant to bring it back into harmony—a harmony which ultimately will allow it to continue to coexist well into the future.”

So what does that mean? Well, if this guide is correct then it would indicate that in 2012 (or by the end of 2012) the world will go through a time period of getting rid of the toxins which it no longer needs, much similar to how the human body purges itself of toxins. That will then lead to two different major groups within the world. One group which is deemed “pure,” and the other group which is deemed “toxic.”

Now that doesn’t mean the “toxic” group will die or no longer exist, it simply means that they will be on resonating at a different vibration than the “pure” group. They will have a different set of lessons they will be working and focusing on.

For the majority of us, we won’t fully notice or even realize that this separation is occurring. It’ll just happen and before we know it we will be united with like minded people. These people will choose to work together in harmony in order to accomplish like minded goals, both personal and global in nature

To prepare for this, it would seem that it’s important that we take stock of our lives. Perhaps the best way to do this is through an inner questioning process. Posing to ourselves such questions as:

• Have we learned to release that which is no longer needed?

• Have we learned to turn our attention and focus toward the positive?

• Are we where we want to be? If not, what can and are we willing to do to get there?

• Do we practice our spiritual beliefs? If so, how? If not, how can we do so in such a way so as to empower ourselves and those who are connected to us?

• Is there anything from the past that we are still healing from or that we are needing to heal?

• Have we learned the all important lesson of forgiveness and the equally important lesson of action?

These questions, and more, can start an inner healing and inner creation process which will become very important as we near the end of 2012 and that so called great purge starts to take place. Of course, there’s my other guide’s perspective that should be considered too. “Perhaps the Mayans just ran out of paper or ink?”

I never said my guides always agreed. Truthfully, many times they don’t. Regardless of what happens in 2012, it would seem important to follow this inner preparation process anyway, as who among us isn’t seeking to better our lives?

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8 thoughts on “2012: The End of the World?

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  3. Nelly Gold

    I think all those prédictions are more of fallacy, no one knows when the world will end apart from the creator, if you are in doubt think about the year 2000 prediction this’s exactly 12years. Who knows what the next Decade prediction will be all about lol.

    Stéphane S Potter have said it all, “everyone is entitled to their’s opinion”.

  4. Vito Capano

    well, now its about 2 weeks away from 2012. I have to go to my Grandma’s 90th surprise party on January 14th up in New York and I know that she will enjoy her entire family celebrating her for being our Matriach that cares so much for all of us, and i’m sorry to ruin the believers plans for d-day, but my strong sense of clairsentience says the world wont end in december of 12, and in january of 2013, i’ll leave a comment and ask when the next prediction for d-day that I can also use my gifts to tell you if I agree. I think we have quite awhile though..

  5. A.Merchant

    I have read that world will be end in 2012., May be YES or NO But it ia true that Sins, & speak lie and corruption increased unlimited,The one who create this world people forget and running for money they dont have time to think who create this world and what is the purpose of me to born in the world., So what is the diffrent betwen human and animal? therefore it is necessary to keep this matter on God.,

    Now I would like to ask Astrologer can you tell me about future of Pakistan ?

  6. gail

    2012 is the end of an Age. Someone wrote it may make us communicate in a different way… I actually have a book which talks about the possible next jump in communication being “Telepathy”. wouldn’t that be something? The last jump in communication was the birth of the internet. We are now in the age of information (hence, the internet) The next age it suppose to be the Knowlege Age. which is short and also the last age. Will shall see…..

  7. Deb Dell

    Since I read an article in the newspaper back in the 1970’s i have always believed that there will be great changes – and about time I think! I don’t believe it is end times – I do believe it is altimately time for change – all the women and men in my life as a child were somewhat psycic and knew this too – it isnt a time of panic if you know what will happen – it is a time of change – and I believe that those that have gone back will be there to help us through – panic creates panic – slow and stready gets the job done quicker – God (the powers that be) will be helping those that believe there is more to this world then many understand – our bodies are dispencible but our minds and loving nature and all that we give to the world in help and love of people will serve us all in the time of change!

  8. Stephen S. Potter

    While we are all entitled to our own opinions on everything there is and will be in the world, I look at the Holy Scriptures where it says the world will be without end and that life will go on. Sure, there may be monumental changes ahead during 2012 and beyond, I see them as God Himself correcting the world His Way and nobody else’s and we would do well to prepare ourselves for it.


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