Beware of OLBs

Does the man in your life whine? Pout? Throw temper tantrums? It doesn't matter your gender or age, I'm pretty sure we have all dealt with what I like to call "read more
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Write a Perfect Love Letter

Looking for a lovely way to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day? You don't need to break the bank - try an old fashioned art instead. Valentine's Day is a holiday where sentiment trumps all. So the best ... read more
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Infidelity and Gender

No matter who you are or what your relationship is like, there will always be temptation. Few are those who report that the grass isn't at least occasionally greener in their mind's eye. Whether it's that ... read more

Men Are People Too

When it comes to men, our needs are simple (or not!). We want a comforter, a confidante, a champion and a cavalier. We want him to tremble at our sex appeal before he tucks us in at night then admire our ... read more

Love or Lust?

Ok, you know you like him. You really, really like him. But your raging hormones have left your head (and your heart) spinning. Is it love at first sight or just a temporary overload of the pituitary ... read more

The Forbidden Dance

Remember those dances held in your middle school gym? The girls stood on one side, the boys on the other, while everybody watched with envy as a handful of popular kids awkwardly swayed to Cyndi Lauper ... read more
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