The Forbidden Dance

Remember those dances held in your middle school gym? The girls stood on one side, the boys on the other, while everybody watched with envy as a handful of popular kids awkwardly swayed to Cyndi Lauper ballads.

Once we get over the initial fear of being so publicly connected to someone of the opposite sex, dancing can be one of the sexiest aspects of the dating ritual.

Dancing gives us an excuse to touch people we want to touch. It frees us to move our bodies in sensual ways. It makes the blood pump through our veins. In a lot of ways, dancing is the ultimate form of foreplay.

You can learn a lot about a possible lover by the way he moves on the dance floor. Here are three ways a man acts on the dance floor that can reveal what kind of lover he’ll be.

The Wallflower
Men are usually a little shy to step on the dance floor. But when the ladies start seductively shaking their hips, most guys are quick to overcome their fears.

Then there are those guys who make it a rule to never, ever dance — no matter how sexy you’re moving. If your guy flatly refuses to dance, he may have bigger issues than just hating the Macarena.

His refusal to join you on the dance floor could be a sign that he lets his insecurities rule his life – which could translate into an even bigger problem between the sheets. If he’s not comfortable with himself on the dance floor, chances are he won’t be comfortable with himself – or you – in sexual situations either.

Electric Slide King
Of course some guys are a little too good on the dance floor. Unfortunately, a perfect pirouette doesn’t exactly translate into heat between the sheets.

Just because your man has every move memorized, doesn’t mean he’s really feeling the music. If he’s more focused on the details of dancing than having a good time, it could be a sign he doesn’t know how to relax and have fun – which is a real problem in the sack.

Whether you’re on the dance floor or in bed together, your partner should be paying attention to you – not his technique.

Fun Over Form
The real winners are the guys who know they don’t have to be Fred Astaire to have a good time on the dance floor. As one guy put it, “I’d rather look like an idiot dancing with the girls than be the idiot standing on the sidelines alone.”

Remember, dancing is supposed to be fun! Even if your man doesn’t know a waltz from a polka, he can be a “good” dancer if he knows how to relax and have fun.

Dancing is about working with what you’ve got and having a good time. If he’s able to do that in front of strangers on a crowded dance floor, he’ll probably be a great partner on the dance floor – and between the sheets.

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