The Astrology of Wolverine!

The new X-Men Wolverine movie comes out today, and I must shamelessly admit, I have every intention of seeing it solely because I love Hugh Jackman. So much. Who else can play a mutant superhero AND sing and tap dance? No one.

So I decided to look at his chart to see if there was some astrological clue as to why he is so awesome. I expected to find Leo stealing the show with every planet … but actually, he’s mostly Libra and Virgo! He’s got Sun, Mercury and Uranus in justice loving Libra, and Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the sign of the Virgin. I can see where the perfectionism comes into play. But the best thing I found in his chart – he’s got Venus and Neptune in sultry Scorpio. Neptune says he is very intuitive and psychic himself, and Venus says he is a deeply passionate lover. Swoon! I heart you, Wolverine.

2 thoughts on “The Astrology of Wolverine!

  1. Thinkerbelle

    I met him backstage when he was starring in the Boy From Oz on Broadway. He said that yoga kept him centered between performances. He’s amazingly nice and easy on the eyes in person. Double swoon!!!


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