Change Your Luck

I never win anything. It’s always harder for me. The roll of the dice is always against me.

Maybe you’re right. However, perhaps it’s time for your luck to change. In order to make that happen (and yes, you can), there’s one thing you’re going to have to do. You’re going to have to take a chance.

But how can you effectively change something that seems completely out of your control, you ask yourself. Isn’t the very definition of “luck” something that is arbitrary?

Yes, and no. You can’t get anything if you don’t try for anything. And if you always think the thoughts of not getting what you want, the outcome won’t be “luck,” it will be exactly what you have been sending out to the universe. What is within you translates to what is all around you.

Here are three tips toward shaking that old energy and turning your “luck” around!

Discover your myths
First, uncover the myths in your thinking that are keeping you in a frequency of deprivation. You might not be actually starving, but a mindset of the world not having enough for you diverts your energy toward situations and people that cannot give you what you want.

Do you have a reoccurring feeling around your finances and romantic situations of I have been here before and it didn’t work out, why am I here again? You are there because you do not believe, truly, that there is a better place for you. Walk away from the things that you do not want to make room for the things you do! Take the time to actually write out and say aloud the negative thoughts in your mind. Give voice to the chatter in your head. By doing so, you’ll see how awful (and ridiculous they sound) and be able to move to the next step.

Discard unlucky feelings
Second, discard these ideas mentally and physically.Take that list you wrote out and put a straight, deliberate line through each one. The power over these words is in your hands. For each sentence you cross out, write yourself an affirmation that is the opposite of your old myth. So if you wrote I never earn enough money for my bills, write yourself the affirmation of I earn more than my bills. If you wrote I can’t find anyone to fall in love with write I can find someone to fall in love with. Do this for all your myths, no matter how silly! Each one of them is taking up the space that your new luck will be filling with all the things your heart desires.

Affirm your luck
And finally, jump-start the universe! The initial resistance is the most difficult part of changing your direction. If you imagine a huge ocean-liner pushing through the waves of the sea and then that immense ship halts and sets a new course, you can imagine the power that you need to change your frequency toward the best luck of your life. Write the affirmations where you can see them. Say them aloud every night in the mirror, looking yourself right in the eye. Those old myths have been hanging around you for a while. It’s going to take a strong steady push in the right direction for a sustained period of time to alter your course.

Let go of any thoughts that do not serve you, and step into the luckiest time of your life. Affirm your luck every day. The meter runs out and you don’t get a ticket? Think to yourself, I am so lucky! Each and every evidence of good luck in your life, affirm it with gratitude and keep smiling because more luck is coming your way!

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