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This week, we end the month of April and enter May on Wednesday, which is also known as May Day, and it also is Beltane. We will consult Kim Krans’ deck, “The Wild Unknown Tarot”. Kim began drawing ‘with intense detail since a young age’, which led her to the study of Tarot after she went down the path of self-inquiry, meditation, and many other forms of self-healing. She created this deck after discovering there were no decks that she could relate to. She wanted the imagery to speak to a world of wild nature and mystery … a place where the darks are truly dark, and the lights are bright and expansive. So, let us enter the realm of the Wild Unknown:


Day (Six of Wands – Victory, Success, Rising Up)

The image here is of a bright blue butterfly emerging from dark and tangled branches. New life takes flight. The idea is that if you are not reveling in the joy of success already, you will be soon. The Six of Wands is a card of victory, and of rising up against the odds. The pressing question is: Where will you go with your new set of wings? It is also a good day for music and poetry, doing research and giving to charity.

Evening (Five of Wands – Scattered, Lack of Focus, Lost)

The Five of Wands is a card of conflict. You may find yourself scattered, distracted, tending to everything and nothing at the same time. Since wands deal with our dreams and goals, it usually means this conflict resides within. Your energy moves outward in many directions, yet you are suffering inside. This card is a warning of sorts to find ways to bring calm and focus to your mind, or these troubles will only increase.


Day (VI The Lovers – Union, Desire, Joy)

The picture is of two Canadian geese, who mate for life, and are traveling partners within an expansive sky. The Lovers card does suggest a beautiful and strong relationship on the horizon. While there is a lot of desire and romance in the air today, it takes time to build a solid foundation together. The Lovers honor and respect each other, and with that, they can go anywhere. In an existing relationship, it’s time to be grateful and nourish this rare and precious gem.

Evening (Temperance – Healing, Renewal)

The Temperance card asks you to be a moderator, much like the great blue heron who calmly blends opposing elements of fire and water. Tonight, focus on cooperation and compromise. If you have been excessive in one aspect of your life, practice self-restraint and moderation now. You will find a new sense of healing and balance from bringing a little harmony back into your life.


Day (Three of Swords – Betrayal, Heartbreak, Turmoil)

The Three of Swords is a dark and complex card. It may indicate some themes of lies, betrayal, cheating or heartbreak. There will be emotional entanglements and confusion. Do not try to make any decisions while you are in this state. Wait for your heart and spirit to mend. It is a good day to get a reading or an astrological update on your transits. It is also a good day for research, planning and business.

Evening (#7 – The Chariot – Strong Will, Triumph)

The Chariot is your confidence, your will, and your inner warrior. It is a card whose energy you have felt when you felt the bliss of achievement or triumph. It is a good night to build a relationship with this part of yourself. Try to visualize the Chariot inside of you. The more focused your mind, the easier it will be to sense his presence and stay mounted on his back. With a fixed gaze and sure footing, you’ll be headed toward all you dream of.


Day (XX – Judgement – Forgiveness)

The word “judgment” conjures up fear and guilt in many people. This card, however, concerns itself with another aspect of this word—seeking the truth. No more blaming yourself or others, no more excuses. Now is the time for forgiveness and personal freedom. This card asks you to rise up and let pettiness and fear to fall below you. Expand your wings and be reborn. What a relief it will be.

Evening (Daughter of Cups – Creative, Emotional)

Creative energy abounds from the Daughter of Cups. She’s romantic, artistic, and easily inspired by her surroundings. A true dreamer by nature, she struggles to stay “grounded” or to deal with any harsh realities that come her way. It is a good night, as per this card, to avoid conflict, as it would be very disturbing for this Daughter to deal with. It is, however, a good night for charitable work, and/or religious or mystical work.


Day (Father of Cups – Diplomatic, Open-minded)

The Father of Cups has a truly unique and dynamic personality. He is the most feminine of all the fathers within the Tarot and is usually a patron of the arts. He represents someone who is caring and nurturing in your life today or an aspect of you that you need to access. The only thing holding this Father back is his deeply rooted insecurities. So, working on releasing fears and insecurities is a good task for today.

Evening (VIII – Justice -Decisions, Karma)

This evening, Justice shows up and implies that you need to make a serious decision in some area of your life. Now is not the time to shun the concept of divine balance or karma. All of your choices affect your life, and sometimes the lives of those around you, both now and in the future. It is a good time to seek some guidance or get a reading to help you make the right decision.


Day (The Hanged Man – Sacrifice, Letting Go)

Many people talk about the art of “letting go.” But what does it really mean? The Hanged Man has all the answers, he’s the master of non-attachment. Today, this card implies that there is a sacrifice or a difficult or painful situation coming up in your life. Though you naturally want to resist and struggle through it, be more like the Hanged Man. Find stillness, open your eyes, and use this new perspective to learn something. You’re stuck here either way.

Evening (Mother of Wands – Attractive, Domestic, Vibrant)

The Mother of Wands is a vibrant woman and happy mother. Family comes first in her world. She’s very protective of it and is the dominant parent within the home. She has enough grace and beauty that you’d hardly notice her forceful nature. It’s important not to get on her bad side. It is a good night for an adventure, and to go out and see some live music.


Day (Eight of Wands – Sudden Movement or Change)

The Eight of Wands strikes like lightning. This is a card that indicates news, change, or clarity in an unresolved situation. You might hear from an old friend out of the blue today or receive some surprising news that shifts the direction of your course. It can also indicate travel is on the horizon, so have your bags packed. It is also a good day to clean out the closets and donate to charity.

Evening (Ten of Wands – Burdens, Blockage, Difficulty)

The Ten of Wands indicates that mental and physical burdens have been weighing on your spirit. This may lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression. As Jagger said, it seems that you simply can’t get what you want, so maybe you can get what you need. If this card appears in response to a person or situation, it may be best to simply walk away. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Be aware of perpetual negative thinking.

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