When Spirits Speak

Through constant communication and interpretation, a Medium can connect with departed souls. To break it down, a Medium’s ability to contact the other side is akin to using a web camera on your computer. It allows you to see a different place in any time zone (though there’s no time-space continuum on the other side). Technology uses light waves through the web to view another place. A Medium channels energies to tap into a different dimension.

An enlightening yet frustrating process, Mediums can only translate and convey messages — they’re not shown the entirety of what it means to exist on the other side. It leaves them and their callers searching for answers. Yet Mediums possess more insight on this enigmatic subject — using their gifts as a portal into the veil.

So what can we learn from those who communicate with the unseen? Our psychics shed some light on what they’ve uncovered and discovered:

“There is life after ‘death,’ and there is really no death at all. It has removed any and all fear of ‘dying’ for me,” Tammy ext. 9380, a Medium with Celtic and Native American roots, explains.

Conceptually, “life does not end here on earth. We do continue on as spirits in a different and much better dimension,” Psychic Tawny ext 5257, concurs.

Often, spirits appear even when Mediums aren’t conducting readings. Psychic Tammy recalls one of her favorite visitations. “A very famous harpist — Marcel Grandjany who crossed over in 1975 — came through to me one afternoon when I was struggling to play one of his compositions. I felt him lovingly put his hands over mine to help calm my frustration, and then he telepathically told me how to break down the notes in order to play it much more easily. He became my music teacher for a while, visiting every day when I’d practice!”

Other times, spirits intervene to circumvent precarious events. “The first spirit with whom I had direct contact actually saved my life! The doctors had already informed everyone that I would not live through the night … and initially, I didn’t. The first spirit made sure that I came back because I ‘had a great deal of spiritual business to take care of!’ From that moment, connecting with the other side has become a regular occurrence,” past-life regressionist Psychic Jesse ext. 9027 states.

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