When Men Call Psychics …

What’s the difference between questions men and women ask their advisors about sex, love, and relationships? What do men scorned, broken-hearted, or single again want to know most about their future?

When men ask about love over questions about business or their careers (which are their No. 1 topics for readings, by the way) it’s often because they didn’t see a breakup coming. They were blindsided … and they’re calling to find out if they still have a shot at getting their ex back. And, what’s even more interesting about men who are in pain over love, our psychics say, is that they are hurt all the way down to their very wounded core.

Men, unlike woman, generally call to ask about one specific love, looking for clarity into that person’s behavior, our psychics say. They call about that age-old question, ‘What do women want?’ They get frustrated at what makes women angry, thinking their reasoning is baffling!

Men ask questions about getting mixed signals. They ask for help to sort out their confusion. They want to know if their marriage can be saved and exactly how they can regain their partner’s love. They often have a sense of humor about continuing to try and try until they get their relationship right.

Our Intuitives say that men place significant value on the information they get in their readings. “When men call, they tend to get right to their questions, taking much less time to bond with the psychic. They listen intently. And, more than anything, they seem to want to find ways to regain former lovers’ affection, just one more time. ‘How can I get her to understand how I feel?’ ‘How will she react if I tell her …’ they ask. Woman are more likely to wonder ‘When is he going to change?’ or ‘What can I do to make this happen faster?'” Reed ext. 5105 describes.

“Men call to find out how they can win over someone’s heart. I get clients who have female friends, and they want to convert the relationship to a romance. They need help navigating that gray area. They want to know if they have competition from a husband or boyfriend, and how to redefine how the woman views them,” Liam ext. 9290 reveals.

Our psychics suggest that trust is a large issue for men, as well as women. “‘Are they cheating on me?’ ‘Are they interested in someone else?’ ‘Does she/he really love me … or is it my job, my car, my money, my lifestyle that they are attracted to,’ they wonder. ‘Would they go out with me if I made more money?’ ‘Why can’t I keep a date interested in me?’ ‘How can I get them to go out with me?’ ‘When should I propose?’ ‘When will we be together (yes, as in sex)’, they ask.”

“I’ve learned a lot about men by reading for them,” tells Amelia ext. 9772 . “I find that more and more men are calling about love. I could write volumes of sad tales I hear from them about not being able to find it — it’s no different for men than women.”

Despite the subtle differences in the way men respond to readings and the kinds of questions they ask (like ‘When is she coming back’ verses ‘When will he call?’), Seha ext. 9668 speaks for all when she says that “matters of the heart are very serious for both genders.”

Though men may be a bit more realistic, our psychics reveal with a hint of humor, that they’ve never had a male who is involved with a married woman ask if she will ever leave her husband! (It’s one of the top questions for women.)

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