What to Expect From Your Psychic

How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

Sometimes our expectations of a psychic may be unrealistic. A psychic/astrologer/tarot reader is a human being with special abilities. We have the ability to see beyond the evidence. We can see beyond and through the presenting problems, to connect with the underlying energy flowing between people. A psychic is like a finely-tuned Stradivarius violin. Skepticism is a huge wall between you and your reader. Our sensitivity feels that wall and blocks the subtle information that is trying to surface. You don’t need to tell your psychic that you are skeptical. She/he will know it.

Doubt is a good thing; we are being invited to look more deeply into the process, the relationship between psychic and client, our questions, our lives in general. It can be an amazing, invigorating partnership since the psychic benefits as much as the client from a good reading.

Sometimes, people hang up on the reader. Have you ever been slapped across your face, hard? Ouch! That stings! That’s what hanging up on your psychic feels like to the reader. Better to respectfully say, “I feel we don’t have a connection, so I’m going to end this reading now. But, thank you, anyway.” Courtesy, respect for someone who is trying to help you is always in order and will benefit you immeasurably.

Many of us try to keep ourselves in a state of meditation or prayerfulness in order to be receptive to our clients, to be of maximum service. Before I log on, I read a spiritual passage from the Bible or from one of my spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra or Thich Nhat Hahn, go into silence for a few minutes, take a deep breath and then log on.
Before your reading, it’s wise to do what we do: Breathe, say a little prayer for guidance, write down your questions, ask that you be receptive to the information being given to you.

It is no crime for your psychic to ask questions. It’s amazing to me that some people think we aren’t psychic if we ask questions. Information is important, so if we ask, for example, how long you have been married and when the separation occurred, we are not violating any rules. We simply don’t know everything. Besides, it saves time to give your reader basic information.

You and I are in a partnership. So we need to work together. Trust is extremely important. If a psychic is working for California Psychics, we have already passed the requisite tests that qualify us to work for this company, which has high standards of excellence for their employees. So, trust but always verify with the information you are being given. If your psychic is on the wrong path, tell her/him so respectfully. If we have helped you in reaching a greater understanding, let us know. We love to get feedback.

We are here to serve both you and ourselves, for we can both grow through this process.

Always remember that we are both human and as such, we are subjected to the frailties that accompany the human condition. The main thing is our desire to serve and facilitate your growth and understanding of your journey.

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17 thoughts on “What to Expect From Your Psychic

  1. Fiona x5178

    When I ask a client a question it’s because I’m trying to tune in better. It has nothing to do with lack of ability. I strive to give the best reading I can to the people who call me for answers. The worst thing a client can do is deliberately hold back. Lack of flow produces ineffective and unhappy results for both the psychic and the customer. We here at California Psychics are very good, tested, and authentic readers. You are in good hands. Remember, no psychic can be 100% for everybody.
    Psychics are people too!

  2. Amy

    I just wanted to step in and thank Gina Rose…a true professional. There are many gifted psychics on this line (and I’ve read with many of them…some have been just great, others not so much). While each psychic brings something different to the table and they have all taught me something, Gina Rose has a flow and delivery style that is priceless and unique. Her experience is so evident with every reading…truly a cut above.

  3. Bettina

    Great approach from a down to earth psychic, I’m so happy to read how you laid it out there in a very realistic way. There is times when the caller think they need to test the psychic before they proceed with the reading, and if the psychic try to ask or clarify, the caller tend to act negative………
    Bettina ex 5065.

  4. Bettina ex 5065

    Great approach from a down to earth psychic, I’m so happy to read how you laid it out there in a very realistic way. There is times when the caller think they need to test the psychic before they proceed with the reading, and if the psychic try to ask or clarify, the caller tend to act negative………

  5. browneyesbrowneyes

    Regarding the issue of “hang ups”. I think if the clients that are hanging up is increasing, it may be due to the fact that the prices have gotten so expensive and it may just take almost 5 dollars just to be courteous to someone you dont have a connection with. So maybe it shouldnt be taken personally, I think the clients are just wanting to save minutes for someone that they do connect with.

  6. Susan

    I was very happy with my reading from Blythe, but I think the key is expectation. What do you, the listener, want out of a reading? I knew what I wanted from the beginning but I had studied reiki and crystals and understood about the energy factor. Even so, I admit to a healthy dose of skepticism and I’d studied cold reading before I even ventured to a psychic. Yet I hope I am intuitive enough myself to know when someone is ‘faking it’. When something is important as the question I asked I didn’t expect a definitive answer. The fact that I got one and believed it was sheer bonus.
    Really though, we hear what we want to hear and it certainly isn’t a psychic’s fault if that doesn’t tally with our expectations. I had a tarot reading from some friends soon after I spoke to Blythe and I enjoyed the fact that I ‘controlled’ the cards. They told me virtually the same thing Blythe had. So I wonder if what a psychic truly picks up on is what is already inside of us. We have the answers we are seeking, we just don’t have the ability to bring them to the fore, and a psychic does?
    It is similar to when people ask me why I use crystals. Most times I shrug and say, I like them, they make me feel better, and if they make me feel better they are working, but don’t forget that crystals work on vibration and energy.
    To hang up on someone intent on helping you feel better is very rude, although I can understand it. I would think many times it is purely a financial decison or pure fear not a personal one.

  7. sandy perrino

    I was told by the woman who took my information and payment to just hang up if I didn’t care for the Psychic or didn’t feel a connection.

  8. libby

    Hi Marceea- I love everything you said, loved every comment you put up, yes, we are all here to help as much as we can to clear issues with others, but yet, embrace our love to them, we need our client’s to understand that we are here to help, we are not a circles act, we put a great deal of time,effort and energy to spend our time giving information to help others to move forward. I also believe that clients need to listen, but getting upset and yelling at a reader is very sad to say, we are here to help,understand, do the best that we can do for you. We are all born with a spiritual natural talent, to help others to heal, find the right path in their journey. Thank you Marceea for this wonderful article, Libby – 5288 Love – Light to you.

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500GinaRose ext.9500


    Not all psychics are the same….I do profiles….all I need is a first name, of the person OR the company if it is a work related question.

    I’ve always preferred to read cold…..since I don’t use tools, I feel it the only way I can trust what I’m hearing, seeing, and feeling thru my Guides. In fact, I usually will stop a client, in the first minute of a reading, from feeding me too much information .

    Psychics are as diverse, unique and individual in their talents and gifts as a fingerprint is unique.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Wyn

    I get the impression sometimes that the psychics really do not know what he/she is saying. For instance, I am asked to provide details and then I felt like I could have gone to my mom for advice as the person used my information to build on, not to provide something that I did not know. I have had two people who gave me timeframes and in one case it was true but I missed the mark. I asked if it would have been someone from the dating site but I was told no, else where… completely incorrect so much, so that when I met the person I made a fool of myself because I was looking for the person to appear from some other place. The person just moved on but I took the blame for, as I should have gone with my intuition in the first place. However, I think the worse was the amount of time and money it took for someone to tell me that.

  11. Reed x 5105Reed x5105

    When I ask a caller a question it’s usually to save the caller some time and save myself some energy to spend on the rest of the reading.

    Imagine walking into your doctor’s office. Your doctor says, “What brings you in today?” You answer, “You’re the doctor, you figure it out.” Imagine the number of tests your doctor would need to perform in order to do this. How time consuming and expensive would that be?

    I have had callers approach a reading with this same sort of attitude. I’ve had those who refuse to even give me their name and want me to “figure it out”. For me to do this might take several hours of meditation since finding names is not my strong suit. Not only would that be very expensive for the caller, it also wouldn’t resolve anything in the caller’s life.

    Healthy skepticism is a good thing. Balance that with an open mind and together we will fine the answers you need.

    Reed x5105

  12. T-bird

    Good article, Marceea! Sounds like a good time to say that I appreciate all the psychics I’ve spoken with on this service. I know it’s a bit draining to tap into someone’s energy and tell them what you see for them, and many times you deal with emotions and anxiety as well. You psychics don’t have to do this, but you choose to so that you can help people. For that I say a big Thank You!


    Am happy 4 all the message that i been resivin 4rom u,is real i use the informations becouse is exatry what is goin on throug my life is a guid to me ,it tels what may hapen,am a frish graduat i havnt secul any job yet,i what 2 be a busines man i hav made plan for it am just wayting for the capital to come.i like resiving messag from u,thanks for the mesage u have been sendin to me


    Wt can i expect out of this life of surfering and confusion,the problem of what to do and what not to do….i want to be successful and have a good relationship.please help me out…


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