Are Men More Romantic Than Women?

What Are Men Really Feeling and Thinking?

It’s almost always assumed that women are the more romantic of the two genders, sentimentally focusing on all the finer details of love, while men focus only on sex like mechanical, grunting cavemen. But is this stereotype really deserved and true, or just another product of lazy thinking?

Now, step back a second and let’s think about this… if you’re frustrated with men’s “inability to open up” and lack of romantic or affectionate gestures, is it possible that you’re not interpreting their behavior correctly? Could it be that, rather than men not being romantic or affectionate, you’re simply overlooking or misreading the actions they take and words they say that do communicate romance? Are you possibly not hearing what they’re saying because they’re not communicating the way you or your female friends would?

Is it possible that men and women just speak completely different languages? And would a good psychic help you understand what the man in your life is really feeling?

Shine reports:

“Men are typically more romantic than women,” says Dr. Terri Orbuch, a social psychologist who has spent the last 24 years studying 373 married couples. In interviewing spouses, she discovered husbands were more likely to describe their wives in traditional romantic terms, while wives spoke more practically about their relationships. “When we asked married men to talk about how they met their wives, their stories had more romantic flavor,” explains Orbuch, who details her findings in the book 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great.

“They talk about being smitten, falling hard; they also use terms like ‘soul-mate’ and ‘love at first sight’,” she says. “In contrast, wives talked about being very cautious of their partner when they first got together and guarding themselves from getting too close early on.”

While romantic gestures may vary between couples, Orbuch’s research suggests that men are more likely to uphold fairy tale beliefs (i.e. happily ever after) than women. Her research is virtually identical to the results of a survey of 21,000 men and women by the psychological testing site Queendom. In response to questions on love, men were slightly more romantic in their description, using expressions women avoided, like “destiny” and “love conquers all”. “Most men have an unappreciated romantic streak,” said study leader Ilona Jerabek, PhD, in a statement. “You just need to understand where they are coming from to appreciate it.”

What do you think—are men really less emotional than women?

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6 thoughts on “Are Men More Romantic Than Women?

  1. Starry

    If men want they can be romantic and they show it to you in action. But they are not very good in expressing it in words.

  2. Fiona x5178

    No doubt–MEN ARE MORE ROMANTIC! I think because men are more romantic than women they tend to be a little more careful, and slower than women, in expressing their feelings, but if the man cares for the woman YES–men are definitely more romantic. Because men are sensitive they guard their feelings with silence or show us glimpses of how they feel, rather than revealing it all heart open, out of fear of being rejected, or not getting the reciprocation they desire. Men love deeply. It may be in a slightly different way than women, and they may view love through a different lens, so to speak, but the difference is there by cosmic design and maybe we should think about that. When men love they feel vulnerable and they dislike admitting they are not always as confident as they would like to appear. Men enjoy being the conquering hero. They observe. Men will talk about their feelings, and express them, when they are ready.
    Remember, love finds a way. It has been so since the beginning.

  3. Courtney x5036

    Men tend to express themselves with actions…Does he put you first in his life and make time for you? Advanced planning with YOU in mind is a real positive sign. That will show you whether or not he cares.

    Let him verbalize how he feels for you first and at his own pace.

    Courtney x5036

  4. Reed x 5105psychicreed5105

    I agree with Gina Rose. Men and women often express romance in different terms. Learn to appreciate the specific romantic language of your special one.

    As a psychic, I’ve noticed that romantic energy is very similar to the energy of inspiration – so similar in fact that I tend to view romance as a special type of inspiration. If you feel as though your loved one is not romantic enough, never nag or blame. Nagging, blaming, and fault finding block inspirational energy – in other words, if you aren’t getting the romance you want, being angry, nagging, whining, or blaming will only make the problem worse.

    Romance must be inspired. You can’t nag someone into being romantic any more than you could punish him/her into loving you.

    Reed x5105

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi……men ARE just as romantic as the ladies……but they express it in different ways, verbally and in actions…..


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