Your Weekly Tarot Reading: September 9 – 15

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: September 9 - 15

The Power of Tarot

This second week in September begins with a new moon on Sunday. Let’s revisit the Thoth Tarot by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig. As usual, I’m pulling two insightful cards for each day this week. Here is your weekly tarot reading!

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Day (Queen of Wands): Today, you have endless power, brought to you by the Queen of Wands. Like the Statue of Liberty, she has the fantastic powers of broadcasting and attraction. But be careful! With her long hair, she can also remind one of Rapunzel in captivity in the tower. Love: As a woman, don’t leave the heroic forces to the men. As a man, you have to find the wild cat in yourself and learn to ride the tiger. Happiness: Let the cat out of the bag! Show them what you’re made of too! Success: Take on a period of increased activity. Organize your responsibilities.

Evening (The Emperor): You have the power, and that’s not bad. The Emperor is the power in all of us which explores new possibilities in life. You are the master of your actions, according to your weekly tarot reading. Love: Even in love you need power—the capacity to actually achieve something. It’s a question of your willingness to engage yourself and ignore boundaries. Happiness: You are most compelling when you act out of yourself and do not do half measures or anything artificial. Use your personal power. Success: The key to success is a pioneering spirit. You can do it, so take heart.


Day (Six of Disks): Flow milk and honey. Heaven on Earth. Or, a situation where the outer achievements cannot reach the inner needs. Love: For you, inner balance is very important. You create an atmosphere of closeness and sharing in which the differences are reduced. Happiness: The joy of giving is not just the charitable giving of things which you do not need. Rather, it’s your ability to give the best of yourself to others too. Success: With your talents, you fulfill needs and with your needs talents awaken and are promoted. Therefore, there are results every time.

Evening (Prince of Disks): You sit enthroned in the midst of your work. You are a creative personality, and unpretentious confidence gives you strength and endurance. Love: You are calm, determined, humorous, and indulgent too. You create an atmosphere of comfort, security, and pleasure. Happiness: The grapes symbolize the enjoyment of life, namely the sensual as well as the meaningful, the physical, and the spiritual pleasures! Success: The card of wealth planning and asset management. You are your capital—acreage and harvest, vineyard and wine.


Day (The Devil): Today, don’t allow yourself to be demonized, and don’t turn someone else into a scapegoat. You don’t want to play the blame game today or sit in judgment of others. Love: Test, confirm, and love too. Do not be intimidated. Give the unknown some pace. Happiness: Senseless taboos can now be abolished. Meaningful taboos can now be confirmed! Success: The key to success is to become free of prejudices. Take the courage to redefine talents and taboos.

Evening (The Star): Follow your star, and you will certainly find the way to your very own source. Love: The search for The Star is the lifeblood of any partnership. Suffering and joy lead one to the big life dream. Happiness: Your dreams can inspire you. Follow your star. Success: You need the courage to think outside the box in order to leave the beaten path if your desire is to lead yourself to new shores.


Day (Lust): Lust or sexuality is an indication of the mysteries of life as a whole. Life secrets, such as birth, death, and marriage, all connected to pure life. Love: Choose pleasure as a state of being. This means you will eventually become part of something bigger than you. Happiness: Love thy neighbor as thyself. Yes! You can love yourself! This is not forbidden! Success: The key to success is to love in every respect. The love for creation and all living things is the greatest.

Evening (The Aeon): Aeon means a new time, a new era, and a new period of life. Love: Strong energies are acting on you and strong energies are at your disposal too. Tonight is your night! Everything is important, according to your weekly tarot reading. Happiness: Learn to forgive without forgetting. Give yourself and others a new chance. Draw a line and get ready for a new beginning too. Success: A break from the daily routine works wonders. You certainly have enormous energy to bring to the game now!


Day (The Sun): The Sun symbolizes renewal, light, and warmth. Today, you find your place in the Sun, according to your weekly tarot reading. Love: Continue to grow with life, that is, to live more consciously, Experience consciously, and also age happily. Happiness: You can find happiness in the knowledge of your place and your way. Success: The key to success is to think outside the box!

Evening (Two of Swords): Tonight, with the power of the spirit you determine your judgment and support your decision. Collect information and find a real understanding too. Love: Appearance does not help. Instead, it’s better to interpret feelings and dreams. Therefore, digest experiences. Know the difference between fact and fiction too. Happiness: Ambivalence, ambiguity, and inconsistency are parts of life. Therefore, do what you have to do. Success: Bring your imagination into play, and success will be on your side. There is no absolute right or wrong, but rather what is right for you now.


Day (Ten of Swords): A zen saying goes “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.” This means, clear all idols, supposed authorities, and all self-ideals out of the way. The real Buddha goes beyond such notions. Love: There are many real professions, loves, and successes. Happiness: Accept yourself unconditionally because all is fine as it is. Success: Be prepared to act, even without a model. Your breathing and your thoughts should flow quietly. Don’t overthink the situation.

Evening (Five of Swords): Tonight, you will get to the point where you finally accept the whole truth! Take problems, concerns, and weaknesses seriously. You need not be afraid of them! Love: Tonight, do not let others “slam” you. However, prepare yourself for both criticism and self-criticism. You will definitely find a new approach and understanding. Happiness: Your happiness grows because love and understanding grow too. Success: Get help and assist others. You can rid yourself of feeling helpless and provide for a new sense of well-being.


Day (The Universe): The snake on the card may have an erotic significance. It’s also a sign of the infinite braided belt of evolution. The pendulum and the sickle remind us of the importance of time too. Love: The man has to recognize himself in the woman in order to understand the universe. And the woman has to recognize herself in the universe in order to understand herself. Happiness: Align your current questions with your life goals. Success: Know your limitations, and develop a knack for knowing when opportunities are knocking at the door.

Evening (The Hermit): Keep your lamp ready and light up your environment. This card represents the necessary phases of loneliness, meditation, and of sinking into practical work or fasting. Love: “Paradoxically, the ability to be alone is the precondition for the ability to love.” – Erich Fromm. Happiness: The Hermit embodies a man who solves his problems at the right time and attends to his responsibilities without sweeping anything under the carpet. Therefore, your weekly tarot reading encourages you to give yourself the courage to look closely and do the same. Success: The key to success is to come clean and reflect on your heart!

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