Weekly Tarot Reading: September 30 – October 6

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: September 30 - October 6

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Your weekly tarot reading begins with Pluto going direct on Sunday evening and the Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins on the 30th as well. Then we enter the month of October! We will consult The Sun and Moon Tarot Deck by Vanessa Decort. She likes to link her interpretations with the planets, so I will include those as well.

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Day (X – The Wheel of Fortune): The Wheel is linked with Jupiter. It’s associated with chance, destiny, and prosperity. And since Jupiter is traveling with Venus, it also adds to all that positive energy! The Wheel also represents continuing cycles of life, nature, and the seasons. In addition, it indicates what we cannot control, and new chances for a positive turn. So all in all, it’s a pretty lucky day! The Sphinx on the card represents wisdom. It’s the wisdom to know that the only constant in life is change. The monkey is flexibility and the crocodile is creativity.

Evening (Prince of Pentacles): It’s a good evening to have practical conversations, pay bills, and get ready for the week ahead. This card also represents business responsibilities and trying things in an orderly way. In addition, it’s also a good time to review your goals and your game plan in order to achieve those goals. This Prince is an earth sign, indicating structure. The globe on the card signifies exploring new directions.


Day (Eight of Swords): Ms. Decort attributes this card to Jupiter in Gemini. It means respect for intellectual endeavors, and having more possibilities than you realize. This is a day to bring different ideas or choices together. It can also indicate a doubtful mind, which may be over-analytical too. Your weekly tarot reading says there may be some kind of obstruction that’s blocking or delaying plans or communication. This card can also indicate unreliable or misleading information.

Evening (IV – The Emperor): This card is associated with personal power and leadership. It’s a good night to be assertive and make some “I” statements. Share what you need and want from others. The Emperor also stands for the ability to handle the rules and structures. It’s also a good night to go out and have an adventure or plan a trip. The Emperor loves to travel. In addition, this card is also about taking responsibility and being a father figure. The Emperor is also an investigator.


Day (Princess of Swords): The Princess of Swords indicates grounded and practical communication. In addition, she indicates vigilance and intelligence. She has a strong will and is devotional too. Triumph through courage and love instead of confrontations. This Princess puts her words into action. The butterfly on the card represents a constant renewal of thinking. So today you could have some new ideas.

Evening (XX – Judgement): Judgement is linked with Pluto. It’s a good time to think logically, use common sense, and be understanding. Tonight, forgive those who have hurt you or forgive yourself. Differing perspectives have merged into a new consciousness and change should be recognized. Improvement, completion, motivation, and inspiration are favorable too. With her trumpet, the angel on this card calls for a new way of life. If you follow this call, everything changes and consciousness is awakened.


Day (Ten of Pentacles): The Ten of Pentacles relates to Mercury in Virgo. So it’s a good day for communication, business, and even buying a car. This is also a good day for wealth and security on all levels. Have gratitude for all the things you have in your life. The Tree of Life with 10 branches on the card indicates abundance, healing, and prosperity. Wednesday is also a good day to up one’s “havingness.”

Evening (Four of Pentacles): This card relates to the Sun in Capricorn and to power. Therefore, it’s a good night to go after your goals, according to your weekly tarot reading. The four towers of the sandcastle on the card establish boundaries. As a result, you need to be cautious about being miserly or too greedy. It’s a good time to take actions that lead to the accomplishment of your goals.


Day (XXI – The Universe): The Universe links to Saturn and associates with enlightenment, prosperity, victory, and completion. The end of the major arcana means a new beginning. The Hindu god Shiva is both the creator and the destroyer. The cosmic dancer has united the female and male, along with all opposites. Through his dance, he balances cosmic forces, according to your weekly tarot reading.

Evening (V – The Hierophant): The Hierophant is linked with Taurus, and is associated with learning and teaching. It represents the traditions and knowledge necessary to function in society. He also stands for spiritual knowledge. Tonight is a good night to go out and listen to live music, as this card relates to sound. The Hierophant provides instruction, information, and inspiration too. Taurus gives life to inner and external experiences, and as an earth sign, makes things concrete and applicable.


Day (Three of Swords): The Three of Swords represents Saturn in Libra, where Saturn is exalted. It can also indicate grief and negative thinking. Three swords pierce a heart-shaped cloud on this card. They reveal painful thoughts concerning love and the trinity of the family or a choice that breaks the heart.

Evening (Two of Wands): The Two of Wands represents Mars in Aries. Tonight, everything is under control, according to your weekly tarot reading. It’s also a good time to direct energy towards new paths and to actively seek out fresh challenges too. This card depicts shadows and light, yin and yang, balance and integration.


Day (XVII – The Star): The Star is linked with Aquarius, and it’s associated with self-confidence and recognition. After the storm comes peace, and after the darkness comes light. The Star encourages us to have hope and faith in divine intuition, and trust in our inner guide. It offers the gift of premonition too. The Star is the light that guides the way. The pyramids have an astrological connection to the star, Sirius. The flowing water from the ancient pitcher on the card gives wisdom and life to the world.

Evening (XVI – The Tower): The Tower links with Mars and associates with healing and destruction of old forms. If we don’t release ourselves, the pressure will certainly mount until something erupts. The Tower of Babel on the card indicates misleading speech, chaos, or opening the eyes. Lightning releases us from delusions and illuminates wisdom, mysteries, and structure too. Fire burns away old forms and useless conditions. The eye of Horus evokes the Egyptian god of perception, realization, and clairvoyance.

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    I try to read the tarot every day because it gives me a little in sight of how I could see my day . I only wish that I had the funds to pay for the deeper question of the waiting time I really need to know how I can do things . I do enjoy and pray for a blessing of true guidance every day. I would like to get the weekly reading once a week. Thank you J Shinault


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