Your Weekly Tarot Reading May 13 – 19

Your Weekly Tarot Reading May 13 - 19

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This is a big week that begins with Mother’s Day on Sunday, a New Moon on Tuesday, and the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday! I’m consulting the beautifully designed Akashic Tarot by Sharon Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor for your weekly tarot reading. I’ll include the “Akashic Force” for each card. Naturally, a lot of major cards came up for such a big week. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Sunday (Mother’s Day)

Day (#15 The Muse): The Muse plays a song of upliftment and imagination and the petals of inspiration drift upon the wind, filling the air with light and creativity. Today indicates a time of heightened resourcefulness and inventiveness for you. Therefore, any creative project can receive exceptional energy now. Akashic Force: Close your eyes and connect to the force of inspiration and pure potential. You can certainly give birth to any possibility. Just feel this power of creation now.

Evening ( #13 The Buddha Prepares [Reversed]): The Buddha sits meditating. However, when reversed, the Buddha leaves the state of preparation behind him, easily and happily moving into the crowd. Therefore, a period of waiting and planning has come to an end, according to your weekly tarot reading. Because of your inner work and preparation, you may find yourself able to influence others without knowing how it happens. Akashic Force: Close your eyes and reach the Buddha within. Feel the peace and understanding because there is a time to every purpose under Heaven.


Day ( #2 The Akashic Library): This card indicates a writing opportunity or publishing a book, but it also symbolizes a new initiation—an ability to manifest a new life in every way. It’s also a time of heightened intuition and greater self-creation. Therefore, today, open any book that compels you to do so. Let it fall to any page, read a passage there, and reflect on the words all day. Akashic Force: Envision yourself stepping into the most beautiful and serene ancient library. Take a book and open it. Notice the first word. What does it tell you?

Evening (1 of Forces: The Akashic Field [Reversed]): The Akashic Field reversed indicates a time of fragmentation and agitated energy. You may be going through a crisis, however, you need to know that the universal consciousness of creation is still available to you. You also need to calm down and rein in your emotions to feel it. The Akashic Field is filled with potential solutions to the very problems making you upset. Therefore, be open to new perspectives. Akashic Force: Imagine yourself entering the brilliant Akashic Field. Feel this profound force igniting your dreams and lighting your way.

Tuesday (New Moon)

Day (Four of Keys: Clearing the Way): This card indicates that it’s time to take significant action and remove an obstruction in your way. It may be in your personal life, in a relationship, or with a creative project. Be determined as you work to remove the obstacle that blocks your steps. With time and attention, the way to your dreams will certainly be open. Akashic Force: With a deep breath, fill yourself with the strength and love that help you move through any obstacle. Then feel that love and power moving through blocks, and freeing you completely.

Evening (#1 The Oracle of Delphi): The priestess at Delphi sits upon a high, three-legged seat. Steam gently rises from a small fissure in the ground. She is receiving psychic impressions. Tonight, you’re in a time of great insight and psychic power, according to your weekly tarot reading. Even if you don’t recognize it yet, it lies very close to your consciousness because you’ve used this gift in so many past lives. Akashic Force: Close your eyes and feel your psychic energy growing and expanding upward from the very depths of your being.


Day (Three of Keys [Reversed]: The Chess Game): This card shows that the political conflict with coworkers, your family or a disruptive group has grown untenable. It’s unlikely to change, and some people’s positions may topple—if they haven’t done so already. Therefore, it’s time to walk away. Akashic Force: Close your eyes and see yourself on a chess board. Then take a look around and see who the other players are and how you feel about them. What do you want your next move to be?

Evening (#9 Archangel Michael [Reversed]): When Michael comes to your reading reversed, it’s a sign that you need to reconnect to your real power source, according to your weekly tarot reading. You may find yourself in situations where you just don’t know what to do. If so, it’s time to consider all the ways you can start to take your power back. Akashic Force: Sense Archangel Michael’s approach. Begin to feel the force of your own courage and strength grow within you, making you ready to take action with confidence and peace.


Day (#20 Will, Wisdom, and Mind [Reversed]): At this time your authority may be diminished, and there might even be a loss of position. You may also feel like your talents, energies, and even your higher guides are missing in some way. Nonetheless, the Coat of Arms of the Isle of Man flies high, sharing its message that however you land, you will stand. Akashic Force: The power, heart, and mind of God dwell within you and you can feel these Divine forces. Feel yourself expand to limitlessness.

Evening (Two of Scrolls: Two Worlds): This card indicates that there is a conflict in your life between what the outer world requires of you and how your own spirit directs you. You are now again experiencing a polarity between a fully self-realized spiritual experience and personal success in your day-to-day life. It feels as if you have to let one go in order to embrace the other. Akashic Force: Close your eyes and say, “The Divine thrives in my daily world.” Then see yourself walking through your life, handling everything that comes your way.


Day ( #18 Up in the Air): Today, there are aspects of an important situation that seem hidden to you. You may feel a strong, almost urgent desire to know how it’s going to turn out. However, trust is the only way for you now. If you push too hard to know the influence or outcome, you might push that outcome away. Instead, let go and let God. Akashic Force: Take a deep breath and fill yourself with the power of trust. An outcome you seek drifts in the distant sky, according to your weekly tarot reading. And though you don’t know when it will be realized, you know that it’s on its way.

Evening (#14 Innovation & The Count St. Germaine [Reversed]): The time of your initiation has been upon you, but you are holding on to old ways and are resistant to the wonderful changes at hand. However, the old things and relationships that keep your energy low keep you mired in your difficulties! Instead, confront whatever is keeping you from pursuing your highest evolution. Akashic Force: See yourself on the path of your initiation with the Count St. Germaine. Feel your energy and receptivity heighten. Realize there are no limits. What’s next for you?

Saturday (Royal Wedding)

Day (The Queen of Roses): This card shows a beautiful woman with roses in her hair and all around her. She is peacefully focusing on the flower in her hand. This is a card of a loving connection. Therefore, a relationship with someone you know may deepen and/or someone new may appear. The time for peaceful, loving connections is at hand, so open your heart to the expression of caring within and around you. Akashic Force: Step into the energy of the Queen of Roses. Get to know that caring power and gentle temperament. Feel compassion fill you and notice your desire to bring a loving embrace to yourself and to the world.

Evening (#11 The Ark of the Covenant): The stars are shining on a serene desert night. Inside a white tent rests the Ark of the Covenant. This card indicates that you’re living true to your own karmic contract. Your karma does not rule you. Instead, you rule it. Therefore, continue to work toward your highest purpose—to uphold the sacred covenant you have to touch the world with your light. Akashic Force: Imagine the Ark of the Covenant which contains your highest purpose. What is it? Take action today to pursue it.

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2 thoughts on “Your Weekly Tarot Reading May 13 – 19

  1. Kayley ext. 5191

    Wow, Monday’s advice via the Akashic Library really paid off. Julia – your advice to open any book that calls to me and letting it fall open to any page & read the first word I see really helped. I’ve been meaning to look into my “Planets in Transit” book (By Robert Hand) as it has been on my mind for a while now. But trying not to ‘rule’ my life by astrology, I’d given this book a bit of a rest. However, I had pulled it off the shelf just minutes before I read today’s tarot post. The word I found was, “Although..”. And then I thought I’d combine it with a random page from the “Mandala Astrological Tarot” and the book fell open to their interpretation of The Tower. Putting those together, along with your guidance for the evening, I was able to write down a mantra for the day: “Although… circumstances seem frustrating and worries about the future exist, consciousness always increases my ability to create my own future.” Which is extremely helpful during this new moon, especially since it falls in my 2nd house of personal wealth & prosperity. It’s working already! Reminding me that things that fall away always make room for renewed spiritual wealth. Thanks for your insight. ~Kayley@519

  2. P turner

    i enjoy reading the weekly tarot reading, look forward to it every Sunday. some weeks i don’t receive it in my email, as this week
    for instance. maybe due to
    mother’s day? or just didn’t get it out this week. i had difficulty finding it on the website. please resubscribe me, or send a link
    where i can. thank you, Patricia


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