Your Weekly Tarot Reading: January 28 – February 3

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: January 28 - February 3

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Your weekly tarot reading encompasses the Supermoon and first Lunar Eclipse of 2018, which is set to be more exact on the night of Tuesday, January 30. Then we end the month of January and enter February on Thursday. Let’s consult the Fairy Tarot Cards and see what they have to tell us!

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Day (Four of Autumn): Today, comparing yourself to others can create confusion and you may not be seeing things as they truly are. You might feel as though you don’t have enough when really you’re more blessed than you realize. Just manage your resources wisely. Are you spending too freely? Or, are you holding on to each dollar so tightly that there’s no joy in it for you? The Law Of Attraction can become blocked if you’re being miserly regarding abundance.

Additional Meanings: Working very hard for your money. Being too controlling.

Evening (Ace of Winter): Tonight, your weekly tarot reading says don’t be deterred by challenges along the way. You’re on the right path, and your plans are protected and safe too. Any difficulties you experience are intended to make you stronger—they are not blocks. Just trust that the new ideas you have at this time are inspired and worthy of your time and energy. You’re crystal clear on what to do, even if you’re doubting yourself. Just be sure to have confidence in your own insights.

Additional Meanings: Noticing and trusting the signs of a positive outcome.


Day (Six of Winter): Positive changes are on the way! The challenging times fade away as you prepare to set sail for sunnier horizons and happier shores too. Leave your troubles behind you, and plot a course for the future. Travel, especially over water, may be in your future. Or your journey may be a metaphorical one. Opportunities to move or relocate should be looked upon favorably.

Additional Meanings: Facing your problems so that they no longer trouble you.

Evening (Ten of Winter): Tonight, it’s time to walk (or run) away because this situation no longer serves you and is merely holding you back. Sometimes endings are sad, and sometimes they are a relief too. Change can be stressful and intimidating, but trust that this is a healthy and necessary one. This card means that you have probably known for some time that you needed to move on, but you have been unable or unwilling to cut ties. Let go.

Additional Meanings: The end of an addiction. A weight lifted off your shoulders.


Day (#12 Awakening): On this day of the Lunar Eclipse, it’s time for a change in perspective. Seeing your challenges in an entirely different way can certainly help you find a new lease on life or end a stagnant situation, according to your weekly tarot reading. Ask God, the angels, and the fairies to give you signs that will help you perceive things in a whole other light. It’s also a time to be charitable and help those in need. Remember to keep a balance so that you don’t fall into a pattern of overgiving.

Additional Meanings: Hidden action behind an apparent standstill.

Evening (King of Summer): This King is someone you can completely trust. Well versed in matters of the heart, he knows the value of compassion and understanding too. He will quietly listen to all your fears, hopes, and dreams and then provide amazing insights. This King leads a very rich inner life, often coming from a place of spirituality. A humanitarian, he is honorable and quite chivalrous too. He shows high integrity in relationships. However, he can also be a little intense as well.

Additional Meanings: Finding compromises between opposing interests.


Day (Three of Autumn): You have much-untapped talent and a range of amazing skills! By expressing those gifts outwardly, you’ll grow personally and reap great financial rewards too. Your creativity will soar to new heights. Therefore, follow your passion when it comes to what you do professionally. If your heart is in your career, then it will shine like a beacon through your work. You can certainly make a successful living via your creativity!

Additional Meanings: Being compensated for your talents.

Evening (Nine of Summer): This is a magical evening because there is an energy of dreams coming true. Therefore, allow your heart to be filled with childlike wonder and awe, picture what it is you desire, and then make a wish! Allow life to be playful! Enjoy the simple things, go spend time with friends or family, and have fun!

Additional Meanings: Dreams fulfilled. The end of worry. Abundance and prosperity. Good fortune. Joyfulness.


Day (#16 Life Experience): Today, ask God, the angels, and the fairies to provide signs that will lead you toward everything vibrant and uplifting. Whatever new opportunities come your way are certainly meant to make your life richer and more fulfilling. Just keep your eyes on the future. What transitions do you see coming? How might you prepare in order to continue on your path to happiness?

Additional Meanings: The need for significant change. Wake-up calls.

Evening (Queen of Winter): The Queen of Winter has seen it all! She has experienced many difficulties during her lifetime and has only grown stronger in the process. She knows exactly what to do and can point you in the right direction. Because of her vast and diverse experiences, she long ago released anyone and anything that provided more drama than joy in her life. She is comfortable being alone, and happy with her level of prosperity.

Additional Meanings: A wise and knowing friend. The practice of feng shui.


Day (King of Spring): An inspiring leader, the King of Spring is charismatic and bold with a flair for the dramatic. He is a leader in whatever industry he chooses, but may also be in the local community theater in the starring role! This King is innovative and motivational, and he can lead people to do great things. He loves his family and is a great father figure too. He is very willing to provide you with great counsel. Just don’t upstage him!

Additional Meanings: A financial windfall. An unexpected supporter of your cause.

Evening (#17 The Star): Tonight is the time to believe! That’s because challenges fade away as the joy that comes from true faith lights your way like a clear, starry sky. Life has wonderful, magical things in store for you, according to you weekly tarot reading. Do not doubt it! Look to the future with hope and optimism. God, the angels, and the fairies can help you manifest whatever you need in order to move toward a happy life or career. Trust in yourself and your abilities.

Additional Meanings: Faith to move mountains. Believing in your future.


Day (#3: The Empress): Today, the planning phase of your endeavor is now over. Congratulations! You’ve done excellent work sorting out what you’re trying to accomplish and what you need in order to be a success too. Now it’s time to get busy! Creative endeavors find favor right now. This can include the desire to have children or taking up a new project that you consider to be your “baby.” Infuse your tasks with joy. Nothing can hold you back.

Additional Meanings: Hard work that pays off. Inventiveness.

Evening (Ten of Autumn): This evening, focus on family connections. Honor your heritage and be proud of who you are. Share your history with your children or other family members. Embrace the positive and release negativity too. Begin investing in your future! Make plans that include caring for your family financially in terms of future education, health care or retirement. Prepare now to avoid financial worry later on.

Additional Meanings: An inheritance. Family trees.

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