Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 11 – 17

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 11 - 17

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This weekly tarot reading encompasses Valentine’s Day, a New Moon, another eclipse, and some tough aspects! So, I have pulled out an old deck entitled, “The Lover’s Tarot” by Jane Lyle. She only uses the Major Arcana, and for each card, she goes into great depth. She includes four elements: About You, About Your Partner, About the Relationship, and About the Future. I’ve decided to include two cards for each day—one for you and your partner, and one for your relationship and the future. Ms. Lyle does read reversals, and so I will include those as well.

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Day (XVI: The Tower [Reversed])

About You: Alarming or chaotic occurrences could disrupt your relationships, work or home life now. This upheaval is likely to be sudden, and when the dust settles, you will find the basis of a new and more fulfilling life amongst the rubble.

About Your Partner: Something sudden and possibly catastrophic may have happened, taking your partner away from you, or throwing him or her into a state of shock. Trapped by fate, your partner certainly needs all your love and understanding right now.

Evening (VIII: Strength [Reversed])

About the Relationship: The reversal means that instinctive fears have triumphed over conscious reason. There may have been a bitter parting, with anger and pain on both sides. However, it could be an inner and outer test of faith.

About the Future: Overcoming your fears will be a challenge. You may experience defeat or loss in the near future. However, if you allow these events to overwhelm you, you could enter a period of decay and obstruction. Instead, take positive action to reap benefits and emerge victoriously.


Day (III: The Empress)

About You: Your feet are firmly planted on the earth now, and you are able to live very much in the present too. In a relationship, the Empress heightens all your physical appetites, keeping you feeling warm and expansive.

About Your Partner: Your partner is above all, a warm and loving individual. They are caring and nurturing too. Their true strength lies within their matchless sensuality. This person certainly gives freely of themselves in every way.

Evening (X: The Wheel of Fortune)

About the Relationship: Your relationship is exceptionally positive. Its essence is found in your shared sense of humor and willingness to take risks. You may be planning a trip together at this time. Friendships are certainly very important to this relationship.

About the Future: Romantically, this is an excellent time to date a number of different people without committing yourself. Therefore, accept all the invitations that come your way. Luck is with you, as new contacts and experiences uplift you.


Day (XX: Judgment [Reversed])

About You: Reversed, Judgement means delay. You may want to make an important decision, but its implications fill you with indefinable fears. Yet choosing not to decide is inappropriate now too. Be free of fear and take the action you know in your heart is necessary.

About Your Partner: If you have met someone, you should realize that this person may be unable to begin a relationship with you at this time. Beware of mistaking friendship for romantic interest.

Evening (II: The High Priestess [Reversed]

About the Relationship: Here, the High Priestess warns that fantasy may be superseding reality now. Therefore, your relationship is not what it seems—if there is even a real relationship at all. You could be longing for someone unavailable, or for someone you have placed on a pedestal.

About the Future: Your weekly tarot reading says it would be unwise to proceed with any plans because your situation is not as it appears on the surface. Hidden enemies or secret information will eventually emerge and you will be able to see things more clearly.


Day (XXI: The World)

About You: You have arrived at both an ending and a new beginning. You may be about to marry, have a child, begin a long-term course of education or find your career has moved on to a new level.

About Your Partner: The World represents a partner who brings you structure, according to your weekly tarot reading. The World can even refer to your soulmate or ultimate life partner too. This person may be enjoying fame and fortune, as their unique creativity is now reaching a wider audience. They certainly want to share their success with you.

Evening (V: The Hierophant [Reversed])

About the Relationship: Concern with outward appearances or the status quo could be overshadowing your relationship. This card reversed can spell a crisis which will break up a relationship completely, or regenerate it along with new and more honest lines.

About the Future: You may find yourself in the midst of unwelcome changes at this time. You could be rejecting your past, and alienating those around you too. Be careful not to destroy what you value along with what is outmoded.


Day (XI: Justice [Reversed])

About You: Your ability to take action may be suffering as you are procrastinating. An important decision must be made, but you are delaying while you over-analyze the situation. You may be overworking and neglecting your partner too.

About Your Partner: Your partner is your friend, and will always remain so, according to your weekly tarot reading. However, they remain detached from you on both spiritual and emotional levels. You are only a part of this person’s life, not their whole world.

Evening (IX: The Hermit)

About the Relationship: The Hermit can symbolize a time of celibacy. This may be because there is no relationship, or because you are temporarily separated from your lover. Yet, the Hermit teaches you to value yourself, thereby transforming the quality of your relationships forever.

About the Future: You will be able to accept yourself and your life with grace and gratitude. If you are alone, your lack of relationship will cease to disturb you, and you will gain the strength to wait for love to reemerge in your life too.


Day (0: The Fool)

About You: The Fool heralds change and the bonds of convention and limitation are loosening. Therefore, it is the perfect time to reassess your attitudes towards relationships. For now, structure your own rules and honor the inner child.

About Your Partner: This person promises to be unforgettable, unconventional, and challenging. Together, you will discover the playful side of love, for this person loves to have fun and make you laugh. They are full of surprises too.

Evening (XI: Justice)

About the Relationship: The roles within your relationship are clearly defined and well-balanced. Each of you understands the other very well and neither demands more than the other is able to give. You are both career-oriented people.

About the Future: Justice means resolution, according to your weekly tarot reading. A favorable decision will be made. You may be getting married, buying a house or signing some other important contract in the near future.


Day (XIX: The Sun)

About You: A joyful, vital time is indicated for you now. Your health is radiant, creativity is flowing, and emotions are positive. The Sun indicates that you have matured in some respect. It is a perfect time to make plans.

About Your Partner: Your partner’s love has brought light into your life. Your partner is successful and following his or her true path. This frees you in many ways to do the same and to know true freedom within a secure relationship.

Evening (I: The Magician)

About the Relationship: Friendship is the most enduring trait of this relationship. Your shared interests, mutual joy in conversation, and outstanding ability to say what is in your hearts link you together and form a firm foundation for the future.

About the Future: The Magician invites you to initiate things and take action, according to your weekly tarot reading. If you have met someone you are interested in, take a risk and get in touch. You won’t be disappointed or rejected so at this time you have nothing to lose.

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