Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 8 – 14

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 8 - 14

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Your weekly tarot reading is a mixed bag. The Moon is waning to dark, Mercury is still retrograde, and Mars and Saturn are still together. Yet Jupiter, even while retrograde, is opposing Venus. A lot of major arcana cards and court cards came up this week too. Let’s go back to Liz Dean’s The Ultimate Guide to Tarot and get her take on this very interesting week ahead.

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Day (King of Pentacles)
Astrology: Aries and Taurus
Key Meaning: A generous man
The King of Pentacles is a father archetype who brings structure and authority. He deals with money and property too. As a Person: A visionary man with a plan, the King will work hard for rewards. He is also reliable and generous. As an Influence: Financial and property matters improve, and you enjoy success. This King also predicts conflicts that will be resolved. He offers security and loyalty in relationships. As You: Make the most of your assets.

Evening (Knight of Pentacles)
Astrology: Leo and Virgo
Key Meaning: Improving prosperity
This is the only knight whose horse is at rest. This steed is built more for pulling a plow than raging into battle. This knight’s mission is long-term; he has no interest in hasty action and will work hard to ensure his success too. As an Influence: Financial growth and good investments. Plans concerning property progress. Pay attention to details. As a Person: This knight is loyal and dependable. He is a natural protector, and security is very important to him too. He may work in finance. As You: Invest your time wisely.


Day (The Fool)
Astrology: Uranus/Air
Key Meanings: Innocence, risk, and beginnings
The Fool signifies calculated risk. However, it’s never too late to begin anew and follow your heart’s desire. It’s time to take a leap of faith. Home: The Fool can show a young person leaving home for the first time. Relationships: A new relationship is indicated. Career and Money: You may have a new opportunity in your current job or perhaps a new career too.

Evening (Strength [Reversed])
Astrology: Leo
Key Meanings: Patience, tension, and strength
When reversed, strength turns to weakness of will and avoidance of risk, conflicts, and decision-making. This can refer to you ignoring your instincts or allowing fear of conflict to stop you from taking action. This avoidance is certainly holding back your personal growth. In this situation, you can only learn through experience. What you resist, persists, so take charge and take on the challenge.


Day (The Star)
Astrology: Aquarius
Key Meanings: Hope, inspiration, and creativity
The Star is a powerful symbol of hope. You can begin to appreciate everything life has to offer, including better physical and spiritual well-being too. Home: You feel inspired to create beauty and style in your home. Your dream home will come to you. Relationships: The Star shows you are destined to be with someone, and, it’s time to find a soulmate. Other relationships are harmonious too. Career and Money: The Star brings money luck and work begins to pay off. You may begin a new business.

Evening (Ten of Pentacles)
Astrology: Mercury in Virgo
Key Meanings: Property, family, and inheritance
This card shows an inheritance, generosity, and a love relationship that brings wealth and happiness too. There may be an upcoming wedding. An additional meaning is inherited property, buying a second home or expanding your current home. This card also suggests maturity. You can interpret this in financial terms, with investments maturing, as well as in emotional terms. The maturity that comes with life experience.


Day (Death)
Astrology: Scorpio
Key Meanings: Transformation and change
Death brings endings and beginnings. Therefore, this is a time of fast and deep transformation and an opportunity to let go of whatever you no longer need. Home: You need to find a new home, as the place you are living no longer meets your needs. Relationships: A relationship ends or there is a period of necessary separation. Career and Money: Death suggest a career change, but new opportunities are also on the horizon. It’s a tough time financially, however, money matters will improve.

Evening (The Queen of Cups [Reversed])
Astrology: Gemini and Cancer
Key Meaning: An intuitive woman
When this queen is reversed, you suffer emotional or financial pressure. There may be jealousy in a relationship. Even worse, it can show that someone is unfaithful. As a Person: This card shows someone with obsessive tendencies whos competes for attention and also needs to have her way at all times. She drains those around her, so try not to facilitate her needs. She is not one to commit to love either.

Day (The Magician)
Astrology: Mercury
Key Meanings: Action, creativity, and success
It’s time for action—communicate and express your ideas and desires. With your magic wand, you have the ability to transform whatever you choose and manifest your desires too. Home: A house sale is completed or you decide it’s time to remodel. Relationships: If you are single, love is coming. If in a relationship, you will begin to see commitment. Career and Money: There will be a new beginning. You will either find new employment or take time off to go in a new direction.

Evening (Ten of Swords)
Astrology: Mercury in Virgo
Key Meaning: Endings
The traditional meaning of this card is ruin. It doesn’t mean death or destruction, however, but the natural outcome of a culmination of events that lead to inevitable change. This ending clears the way for new possibilities, and you may find the finality of it releases you from frustration and stress too. In your personal life, bonds of friendship may break, and in love relationships, it signifies a dramatic ending. In work, this may manifest as the closure of a department or a failing business.

Day (The Hanged Man [Reversed])
Astrology: Neptune
Key Meanings: Waiting, sacrifice, and enlightenment
The wisdom message of The Hanged Man is to use your time wisely. When reversed, this can be a sign of rigid thinking and martyrdom. You may need to revise your expectations; what you think you want may not be possible. Today, The Hanged Man asks you if you’re hanging on to a fantasy that may make you a victim. Take another view and liberate yourself from a contract or other obligation that cannot offer you what you want.

Evening (The World [Reversed])
Astrology: Saturn
Key Meanings: Completion, success, and joy
When reversed, The World shows you are ready to move on but feel blocked or don’t feel you’re deserving of success. It can also show hanging on to one ambition that eludes you. If so, it’s time to redefine what you want. Or, you may feel eclipsed by another’s shining light. Overall, however, the negatives here are minor, and you will get what you deserve. It may just take a little longer. Meanwhile, keep the faith.


Day (Queen of Wands [Reversed])
Astrology: Pisces and Aries
Key Meanings: Creativity and focus
When this queen is reversed, you may feel controlled due to others’ interference. There is a great need for organization (spring cleaning?), but disorder rules. This may be because you or someone close to you has taken on too much and cannot admit it. This may be a pattern too. As a Person: This reversed queen breaks promises. She can be envious and does not want anyone to overshadow her.

Evening (Page of Cups [Reversed)]
Astrological Element: Earth of Water
Key Meaning: Love news
When reversed, The Page brings frustration and irresponsibility. Offers do not materialize and you may feel that life is all work and no play. As a Person: The reversed Page is emotionally immature and attention-seeking, so you cannot rely on his perspective. He can only obsess about his own needs too. This person may be living in a dream world and become very defensive when challenged. Additionally, the meaning here is intoxication—too much partying. It’s certainly time to calm down and ground.

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