This Week in Tarot: June 18 – 24

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With the change of the seasons comes a different perspective on life. Even if you live somewhere where there are no real seasons, know that you’ll still have access to the changes that come from the end of spring and the beginning of summer. As we shift into summer, we turn to the Earth Magic Cards. This tarot deck will guide us, so enjoy the warmth, and get your jars ready for the fireflies that will light up the night sky!

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DAY – DRAGONFLY (Emergence). With a renewed sense of purpose, you start the day. It is certainly a time of intensity, bringing about the feeling of awareness. You’ve felt it before and now you’re welcoming it back at this time. You are ready for the shift. EVENING – NEW MOON (Promise). It could not be a better time for love. You’re in a love cycle, and new life begins. This powerful card shows you that you can put your thoughts into actions. Get a good night’s sleep because it’s going to be a busy week. Ideas that you are brewing will become a reality.


DAY – WIND (Activation). The wind creates a beautiful feeling as sky and water mix in a dance above the earth. If you are feeling lethargic, take a walk and feel the gentle wind upon your face. Now is the time for action, so it is a time for your body to be moving. Most importantly, be present in your own body. EVENING – DREAMTIME (Creation). Dreamtime is a magical place when spirits come to give you structure. The spirits keep the forms in which they travel, including animals, hills and stars, as well as formations of the land. Tune into your breathing with your eyes closed. Then allow your mind to dive into your heart, feeling how connected you are to the earth. It is okay to take risks with your artistic nature.


DAY – LOVE (Compassion). Pain is the illusion of separation from Source. Through developing compassion and love, you can heal not only yourself but others as well. It is a magical experience. Love is the source we are all connected to, allowing for understanding and acceptance of all humanity. Make love a priority not just for today but also for all of your life. EVENING – WHALE (Breach). Getting out of your usual routine is necessary. There is a need to do something out of your comfort zone. This action will promote a shift in your perspective, so make it a point to get out and explore.


DAY – SUMMER SOLSTICE (Radiance). Today you are provided nourishment from the longest day of the year, and this starts a cycle of abundance. Appreciation is especially important today. During this cycle, love is stronger than ever, filling the days with fun and you are absorbing all the beauty surrounding you. Therefore, sing and dance with heartfelt abandon. EVENING – TREE (Grounding). In order to feel less scattered, go outside and stand with your back against a tree. Become one with the tree. The roots that are under your feet will ground you. The feeling of being spacey can be annoying and yet with all the meditation you do, this simple fix of connecting to a tree can cure the discomfort. Moreover, while you are being grounded, do not forget to look at the sky and count the stars.


DAY – WATERFALL (Effortless). Stop struggling! Even when the responsibilities seem daunting, have faith that Spirit has your back. Water is a relaxing, fluid motion. Relationships can benefit from this card’s message. When dealing with love, bring grace and awareness to the relationship. Within the water there is calming energy, so try to relax into it so you can get on with your day effortlessly. EVENING – CLOUDS (Shape-Shifting). It is so interesting how we can change our looks. This is modern-day shape-shifting. Cutting your hair, buying new clothes and working out are all ways in which you can change your outer appearance. However, if there is sorrow or sadness on the inside, you must tap into your spiritual toolbox in order to change the shape of your feelings. Tonight, focus on what you would like to change within your mind, heart and soul.


DAY – ANCESTORS (Generations). In some cultures it’s believed that ancestors take on the physical aspects of the land. Therefore, when you are outside today, open your heart to the spirits that are related to you. Although they are part of the earth now, they still tell a splendid story of your connectedness to the earth. EVENING – STONE PEOPLE (Vigilance). No fear! Just keep an open mind to whatever is presented to you. Follow your gut feeling and pay attention as there will be opportunities to enhance your life. How does vigilance enhance your life? Let go of conditioned responses so that harmony can be felt deep within your heart.


DAY – CEREMONY (Invocation). Calling Spirit home creates a heartfelt vibration in your relationship with Source. How you choose to do it is up to you, but just remember that it’s important to include elements of the earth. Your actions lead to good energy that will carry you throughout the weekend. EVENING – ANCESTORS (Generations). No matter who you are or where you are from, you can learn so much from your ancestors—even the ones in spirit. On this beautiful evening, offer gratitude and love to those whose blood is also your blood. Connection to your roots brings you back to the tree whose roots are deeply buried in the earth.

Psychic note: To all those who are earth signs, thank you for bringing the grounded vibration to our lives! Hats off to dear Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn!

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